Irregular visits... Andrea? James?

Hi all,

I am hopelessly confused… I travel a lot, all over the world, and basically am unable to have any regular sessions at the same place, be it laser or electrolysis.

I was planning to do a session of laser here and there, in different cities, but I might have to go 6 months without a session. Am I correct in understanding that a big interruption like this would nullify the effect of the previous sessions?

I thought of doing electrolysis, but I am even less enthusiastic about going to someone new each time, although I understand that in the case of electrolysis the time spacing between sessions is less critical and I don’t have to be so careful about avoiding the sun… Also, one electrologist I emailed said that on the whole people have trouble standing more than one hour of treatment at a time without subcutaneous anaesthetic, so by my calculation it will take 4 million years to be hair free!

What are the suggestions for a particular case like mine?

Many thanks to all

Rox. :confused:

Skill of the practitioner and the quality of the equipment used are key factors here.

My average client starts out with a Three Hour Appointment. Let me explain, they come in for a consultation, we do a sample treatment for 30 minutes, and then they say, “How much time do you have before your next client comes in? I could do this all day!”

If you went to someone who was fast enough to do more than a thousand hairs per hour, the amount of time per session would not be as important, nor would the frequency be as critical. If you go to someone who can deliver hours of treatment and has decent speed, you will get lots of work done just the same.

You did not say what part(s) of the body you are looking to have treated, but I would say that you could get permanent results over the course of 3 to 5 years with one appointment every 6 months if you worked with practitioners who could remove a significant number of hairs in a session. You would also enjoy bareness in the treated areas for about 3 to 6 weeks after each treatment.

If you give us some information on where you will be traveling, you may find information on who is good in the areas you are visiting.

Roxie: having a laser treatment every six months or so will be perfectly fine - the hair follicles that are destroyed with each treatment are gone, it’s just going to take you longer to achieve your goal. Try to schedule your treatments with the same kind of machine, and do not do any other kind of hair removal except shaving in between treatments. Hope this helps :wink:

Roxie: I am a male After I began having my body hair removed by electrolysis, I found that my travel schedule would not allow me to call for an appointment more than 1 day ahead. I found that it was difficult to get in without more lead time; so I started calling other electrologist to find one with an opening. As a result there were times when I had 3 or 4 different operators at different firms treating me; but I found it worked out very well and each operator was aware of what I was doing and understood why. To tell you the truth, I found all of them competent and willing to work on a male.

James, Hairfetish, Barrester – You are the best!!!

Thank you all so much for this encouraging and helpful info. I will head for a hybrid solution, electro, with some laser here and there, and I guess no more waxing for a few years until all the hairs are gone… (oh dear)

I’m following up one of your recommendations,
Barre(i)ster, so I’ll let you all know how it goes.

A final question: I have a friendly dermatologist, and she has suggested renting a laser for the week-end to work on me, as she has done in the past on other friends. She obviously is NOT an experienced operator, but doesn’t seem to have had any previous problems. What are the real risks? From reading the posts here, it seems fairly rare that there be any real problems… then again, the people posting here are more perhaps more careful than most. Am I out of my mind?

Thanks again


Interruptions will not nullify previous treatments. It will just take you a little bit longer to reach your goal.

I don’t get laser or Aurora treatments in the summer because my skin gets very dark. It is not unususal for me to go 6-8 months between treatments. In the winter and spring I go 4 weeks in between treatments for each body part. I don’t feel the interruptions have interfered with the effectiveness of my treatment.

Getting electrolysis in between laser sessions will not cause any problems as long as you wait 14 days after electrolysis to get laser.

I think you’re on the right track because laser and electrolysis make good combination. I use electrolysis to get the white hairs that the laser missed.