Iridex Apex 800 vs Light Sheer


Basically I have the choice of these 2 machine from 2 different clinics.
I cant find the GentleLASE in my area.

Which of the two lasers would be the best choice, provided both clinics have a skilled pratictionner and the prices are equivalents (I havent checked the prices yet)?
I’m a type II skin with coarse dark brown/black body hairs.

Thanks in advance.


Both are diode lasers and should work well for you. The major difference is that the Lightsheer can go up to 60J and the Apex can go up to 40 or 45J. So if you need and can tolerate the higher fluences the Lightsheer would be preferable.

I was treated with the Apex 800 then my practitioner swithed to the Lightsheer and was very happy with the results from both lasers. They sold the Apex and bought the Lightsheer because the Lightsheer was more versatile and had better service.

You can check out the Apex 800 at and the Lightsheer at may have changed to but should take you to the right link.



Thanks for the reply.
I already checked those laser makers websites and most of the others too…

I dont know how old is the LightSheer which that clinic uses. The strange thing is that the other one says that they “have worked with Ruby, Alexandrite, IPL and LightSheer and that the Apex 800 is the best so far”.
Maybe its for the spot size only. Or maybe it has a better cooling system. I read that the LightSheer can be pretty painful.

Would you suggest that I go for the diode (eithr of the 2, at this point i will ask for prices) or should i search for a clinic/pratictionner who uses an Alexandrite laser?

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