IPL vs Laser for hair removal

Hi, I am a male that wants to perform laser hair removal. I’ve looked at serveral companies, one being American Laser Center and another being Silk Skin.

What I found out was that American Laser Center does not use lasers to remove hair but IPL (even though they advertise as laser hair removal).

So what i’d like to know is:

  1. What is the difference between laser hair removal and IPL hair removal? Which is permanant?
  2. Which is more effective?
  3. I have coarse-thick hair that I want removed, which is a better route, IPL or laser?
  4. Silk Skin uses apogee elite 1064 yag laser what are some of the pros and cons of this laser? How effective is that? I don’t know what American Laser Center uses.

Thanks to all that help!

please read the FAQs. All those questions are answered there.


Apogee Elite is a Yag and an Alex laser in one. so can be adjusted for any skin type (which you didn’t mention, or area treated, kind of hair, etc etc)

I know many (many!) people here in Michigan that were “dissapointed” with American Laser Centers…and so I strongly do not recommened them for many reasons.

Thanks. I am actually going to go with another company I found. They were very friendly and very helpful in my research. And, most of all, I trust them.

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t put too much trust in product knowledge information from people trying to sell that product. Research it all on your own and catch them in any lies/misinformation they try to give.

Did you read the FAQ? What’s your skin type? What kindof hair do you have (coarse?fine?color?) IPL is not a true laser and isn’t worth the time and money. Educate yourself a bit before commiting to anything! You don’t want to waste money and possibly use the wrong laser that can damage your skin.