IPL Question

What is a good company and machine for just Intense Pulsed light treatment.

I have been hearing more and more that any laser or laser diode system is starting to phase out and more and more IPL’s are finding there way in for skin rejuvination and hair removal.

Are they any home based units?

skin rejuvination, sure. hair removal, no. best lasers for hair removal are alexandrites. IPLs are only promoted well. Noone who actually does hair removal for a living WELL chooses an IPL over an alex laser. There are only a few IPL models that have gotten somewhat positive reviews here: Harmony, Palomar and another one I can’t remember right now(check RC2001’s posts). Chances are what you’re hearing is from IPL promoters with their own agenda. We’ve discussed this before. Hair removal professionals consider IPLs machines that are sold to spas who want to get a lot for their buck as they can do a few kinds of services. However, they’re NOT very good at hair removal and definitely worse than true lasers that are meant for hair removal. So clinics that concentrate in hair removal and have been in business for a long time prefer true hair removal lasers dedicated to that purpose for LHR because they get better results.