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i found several companies in china that offer professiona IPL devices. I am new and was planning in opening a spa and offer hair removal. I found places like this:


could anyone please give me some advice wether this machines are reliable or not? is there any clinic in the US that uses them? I would like some feedback. They offered very good prices for a new IPL system. Thanks a lot!!!

If your goal is to provide good laser treatments and stay in business for a while with satisfied customers, you need to get a true laser, not a cheap IPL. Laser hair removal is not an easy thing to do and it’s not easy to get customers results, even with the best machines.

Please read FAQs in the link below. It will help you figure out what you need to provide good services to your customers.

lagirl, thank you for your response. After reading a lot, I think that diode laser would be a good option for me. I am planning to open the first hair removal clinic in my city. People here travel to other city in my country to get the treatment. We are located in Cochabamba, Bolivia and people that could afford this treatment are generally light to medium dark skin with dark hair. I hear lightshear from lumenis could provide good results. Is there any place where I could get quotes for a used lightshear?

LightSheer is not bad, but it’s not the best machine around. The absolute best bet for you would be to get a machine that has both alexandrite and yag in one like Apogee Elite or GentleMAX. That way you can treat any skin tones, as long as they have coarse hair of course. Laser doesn’t work on finer hair.

With LightSheer, you’ll still have to turn quite a few people off. You really shouldn’t be treating anyone with skin type darker than IV with it since settings would have to be too low to be effective on anyone darker than that.

There are some websites that sell used machines. There is some mention of them here in past posts if you run a search. Choice on this forum knows of a few such sites I believe. I can’t think of them off the top of my head. You can look on eBay too.

The Soprano XL diode laser machine by Alma Lasers is probably the best diode machine out there today, it is much superior to any other diode machine simply because it is VERY fast and almost painless, while at the same time give the same results as the painful diode machines.

If you’re looking for a used one just make sure you get Soprano XL and not Soprano, because the XL uses Alma’s SHR technology which makes it fast and painless while the older Soprano is just like the old diode machines.

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