IPL on face at same time as laser hair removal?

I’m a male currently undergoing laser hair removal on my face (cheeks, beard, upper lip) with a regular diode laser. I’ve started looking into getting IPL (or “I2PL”) treatments on my face to reduce sun/age spots and uneven pigmentation (some websites refer to this as “skin rejuvenation” or “photo facial”). I guess I have three questions/concerns:

  1. Is this safe to do or could it really mess up my face? I’d get it done by the same dermatologist that’s handling my laser hair removal, and he said that we’d space each respective treatment about 3-4 weeks apart (meaning, alternating laser hair removal/IPL every 3-4 weeks).

  2. Could the IPL interfere with or hinder my laser hair removal results?

  3. Is there a possibility that IPL could induce hair growth on my face where there’s super fine hairs/peach fuzz?

It should be fine to alternate, but that’s a lot of stuff to do to one area in a short amount of time. I would recommend to wait until you’re done with laser hair removal first.

There is no evidence of induced growth from non-hair removal machines.

hi mate, I had the same treatments done but one after the other (rather than together/alternating)- no problems!

You just need to make sure you give the treated area enough time to recover. Alternating them with 3 to four weeks apart is in my view the sensible thing to do (after either treatment I felt anything less than three weeks was too soon for anything.)

On a side note, you should be aware of how to protect and maintain your new youthful skin. Sun protection is a must. Also I recommend the following books by Dr Nick Lowe: Skin secrets, and Away with wrinkles… Theres a nice section in there explaining how ipl and laser works, before and aftercare. As well as the a to z of skin health - a must read if your dishing out all that money on ipls and lasers.

Good luck dude!