IPL- my 1st experience, price, time, result, opinion

My first IPL session was 23 days ago. I started treatments not having read anything about IPL or any other types of treatment. I assumed that:
1.It would be almost 100% effective -they told me it wasn’t before I started
2.It would be totally painless -It felt like each hair was on fire, but only momentarily and it was bearable
3.It would be instant for very large areas -it took just over half an hour to do underarms and sideburns
4.The longer the hair the better- they shaved it off first
5.The hair would be removed there and then as part of the treatment- For two weeks it looked like I had stubble (ladies can you imagine doing your upper lip? which I was told would be a lot more painful too)
6.Four treatments 2 months apart are all it takes for 100% removal- I was told quite a few more are needed

23 days later, I am 100% satisfied with the result on my sideburns and 90% satisfied with the armpits (Grid-like pattern on bits that were missed but will hopefully be picked up next session). My hair is course and black and my skin is quite pale. I experienced no after effects of pain or burns.

The cost was determined by size of area. Aus$165 per session includes both armpits and $120 for both sideburns. Paying for 3 sessions upfront gets you the fourth one free. This was the best deal I found (if you live in Perth I’ll tell you where).

I had initially wanted to do my legs but can you imagine how long it would take! I don’t have that much patience so I’m happy just to see how the rest of the sessions go.

Please don’t assume that because I didn’t have any after effects that you won’t either. If you read other people’s reviews it’s obvious a lot of people do, I just wanted to say there was at least one person out there who didn’t.

I am happy so far. I will keep you updated as my sessions continue.

I had my first IPL treatment yesterday using the Ellipse system. Signed up for armpits, legs, full beard and neck. Had the armpits and legs done yesterday.
As with Naj, they shaved my legs and armpits before treatment started. Started with the legs first and the first 2-3 zaps felt painful. They made a few adjustments and after the initial few zaps it was very tolerable. The armpits were a breeze to do. Felt almost nothing.
Will have my face and neck done next Tuesday.
Was told I’d experience some heat in the areas treated. I felt nothing at all but the legs feel a bit numb.
I will have 5 treatments on each area 6-12 weeks apart depending on re-growth but within a year. Thereafter one year free maintenance and treatments in areas of re-growth.
Unlike Naj, I can’t comment on the level of satisfaction just yet. Will report back monthly. Here in Malaysia the costs are extremely high. Comparing to Naj, they seem 3 times higher.

Had the face (full beard) and neck done yesterday. It was certainly painful. The neck was slightly red after treatment but was back to normal within a few hours. No swelling or burning sensation after treatment.
Did not shave as usual today to see how it would look like and it doesn’t look that bad at all. Would never dream of leaving the house without shaving, but there didn’t seem much to shave this morning.

It’s been almost a month since I had my legs and armpits done. I was due to have another session tomorrow but this has been pushed backed at least 2 weeks. Reason, I have no hair on my legs, except for some around the knees. The one area (bikini line if you like) that was shaved but not treated shows strong re-growth. So this tells me the treatment is doing what its supposed to do.
The right armpit has a few hairs re-growing right in the centre. The left armpit has more hairs re-growing in the centre.
As for the face (beard) I’m shaving on alternative days now. I won’t say there’s less re-growth, but it’s not as dark as before. I don’t have that dirty unshaven look on day 2 so this is certainly a bonus not having to shave everyday, especially after only one treatment.
So far so good. If the results continue to improve like this I’ll be very happy I chose IPL.

Had my 2nd face and neck treatment yesterday. It went well and fast and I didn’t feel half the pain as in the 1st treatment. The technician also fired considerably more shots this time. There was redness of the neck but only for about an hour.
The 2nd treatment for legs and underarms has been scheduled for mid Dec. since these areas are still pretty much hairless.

happy to see good results with IPL, many claimed that it is not effective as laser. but somehow i like it may be because it is new technology and it is safer than laser.

please keep us updated with your treatments

I went to a laser clinic and the doc advised me to take oral medication along with the IPL treatment (which i haven’t started yet… still too scared). The treatment would be for my chin and cheeks. Was anyone else required to take medicine? It was Diane 35 and Androcur 50 (antiandrogens)

i think the main problem is not with taking such medication, but with the result that you might endup with using IPL or Laser.

how many treatments they told u will need ??
what is ur skin and hair type ??

I was worried about taking any oral medication but the doctor advised it would help in speeding up the process.
He said 3 to 4 monthly sessions on my cheeks should be enough (i have fine hair there) and about 6 on my chin (where due to tweezing the hair is thicker and has stronger roots).
My skin is light and the hair is dark (i bleach it though) so he said i would be an ideal candidate.

I have waxed my face once though, but it grew back only to what it used to be, nothing more.

If you’re going with IPL you certainly do not need any form of medication. The first treatment on my face made me jump. During the 2nd treatment they kept turing up the power because I didn’t feel much at all. Pain yes, but only during the 1st treatment.
I’ve had 2 treatments on my face and neck. I’ve gone from shaving daily to every two days and now I can go without shaving for 3 days. The hairs are not as dark as before and much finer.
I’ve had 1 treatment on my legs and under arms. The hairs as slowly growing again and here too its lighter and finer.
So far so good. It will be interesting to see the results in a year’s time when I done with the treatments. In total I will have 5 treatments in each area with an interval of 8-12 weeks.

Went in today for my 2nd legs and underarms treatment. If the 1st treatment felt like a rubberband snapping against the skin, this time it felt like minor ant bites. Some spots on the legs I didn’t feel a thing.
The legs seem to be taking to this IPL treatment the best. Since my 1st treatment 3 months ago, hair re-growth has only been about 20%. The underarms were about 50%.

Next week will be face and neck again. As for the face there are 3 visible areas where hair hardly grows. So far I’ve had 2 treatments on the face and neck.

I’ve now had all four sessions, the last session was 4 weeks ago. They told me I’d need up to 12 sessions but I decided that I only wanted 4 and that I wanted them 8 weeks apart. I’ve had no adverse effects of burning or scarring. I’ve barely had to shave my armpits at all over the last four weeks and the hairs are so fine I can’t even see them. I am completely satisfied with the result at this point in time but I am aware that the hairs may grow back over time. I will update as time goes by.

I’ve never heard of anyone telling about a good experience with an IPL. Go for the true laser. May cost a bit a more, but IPLs don’t work.

Trex, have you tried IPL yourself to say it doesn’t work? I’ve heard laser can cause serious burns and don’t work either, but that is hearsay.

Hi naj

I had my first IPL treatment on Sat. I don’t know if it was done properly. I had the sides of my face and chin done and it was one zap in each section, took about 5 minutes and it didn’t feel any smoother or anything the next day…It cost $260. ($110 for chin and $150 for sides)

Also I live in Perth and would like to know where you had yours done?

everyone here should be reading the LASER portion of this forum. It has a ton of info and all these questions answered. take a look.

Diane 35 etc are medications to control hormonal issues. It has nothing to do with laser. They’re used for women who have a hormonal imbalance stimulating hair growth. If you do have PCOS or another hormonal issue, you will see hair grow even after treatments if you’re not on medication because your body will continue developing more hair. It’s important to get tested prior to treatments if you suspect you might have that. Male pattern hair growth on a woman’s face is a strong indicator.

IPLs are generally not as effective, and definitely shouldn’t be used on darker skin. They’re ok for light skin and dark hair, and a few new IPLs seem to work very well, like the HArmony. It really also depends on the practitioner. True lasers don’t cause burns in good hands and if they’re using the right laser and settings on you. Burns can be caused by any machine if the person doesn’t know what they’re doing. It merely means the settings were set too high for your skin tone, and that’s the operator’s fault, not the laser’s.

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