IPL: Is it ok to shave the morning of 1st session?

Hi, I have decided to bite the bullet and do something about my facial hair. I had a patch test done last week.
My facial hair is coarse and dark and I’m pale skinned so the clinic have recommended between 10-12 sessions of IPL and then finish off with electrolysis.
I left some growth for the patch test so they could see what kind of hair they would be dealing with but do I need to leave some for the first session? I shave everyday and have done for 6 years. Is it ok if I shave that morning? Thanks in advance for any advice!

While I am dubious on the idea that an IPL course will help you to get to your goal faster, or less expensively, I will say that most practitioners like about 3 days growth for a first clearance. If your hair grows really fast, it may be that you can do future work with just 24 hours without shaving, but you will have to have that conversation with the person who will be doing the work on you.

Oh ok, thank you for your quick reply! :)hopefully 24 hours will be ok for them.