IPL - Have you heard of Deka machines?

Hi to all !

I was treated with an IPL machine by “Deka” for my back and shoulders 4 days ago. It was my first treatment. :grin: I would like to know if anybody (maybe Andrea?) had heard of Deka machines (they make lasers too), and especially if you know the specific model they’re using: Photosilk Plus. I live in Israel, where Deka machines were in use in the last year. I found out that Deka is an italian company and have this web site: http://www.dekamela.com
Please let me know if you know the company and the specific model. Also, if you were treated with their machines, how was your experience with it?
Anyone using any other IPL machine - I would like to hear ANY experience. :smile:

Thanks a lot for any responses from you guys! -EL :grin:

I have no user experience with that machine.

The company is from the el.en group. The el.en group controls lasercompanies like Cynosure and Asclepion. And they are experts in cosmetic lasers.

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The photosilk plus is an interesting machine. Mostly I don’t like IPL devices, but this one, aside from a good ability to alter parameters has two major features;

  1. A very large handpiece (enables exploitation of dermal scatter and hence use of lower fluences
  2. The IPL lamp is brought very close to the skin so there is less lateral loss (loss of power).

Whilst I do not use the machine myself, a professional down the road is getting good results 1 year out.