I am just wondering if it is safe, and possible, to have IPL ha [color:“black”] [/color] ir removal treatment on my leg with a tattoo? It is quite big, about 10 x 15 cm, and I have had it a year. Would the IPL affect it in any negative way? what is the ususal reccomendation for this?


You need to cover up the tatoo, otherwise it will be damaged. a properly trained tech will cover it up with something white.

btw, any specific reason you’re using an IPL?


I’m using IPL as I have used it on my bikini line and was very very happy with the results. So decided why not do my legs as well.

The bad news is that the reason I asked this question is because the doctor already has gone over some of my tattoo in my first treatment on my legs, and it burnt so much she had to stop. She said it was ok, but seeing as I was so sensititive in the area she would stop.

It was red a sore, about quarter of the tattoo. Now the outline in the area sems to have blistered, I assume it is acting like a regular burn. I don’t know what treatment to give it or what to do now. It is not hurting now, stopped hurting about 2 hours after treatment.

What kind of damage should I expect? I am going back to the head doctor on Monday to show him what has happened but I want to have my facts right and know what i should be saying -Is it a known fact among IPL practices that you cannot use it over tattoos? Should they have known?

I am based in Bali, Indonesia. The practice is called ARC and the doctor is from Australia. So not so easy to get a second opinion!

Hope you can shed some more light for me!


Experienced and knowledgeable tech should have known not to go over the tattoo. I would complain. And make sure they cover it next time.

Can you expand on your results on your bikini area? It would be helpful for others on this forum since you got good results. Your skin and hair type? How many treatments? Spaced how far apart? What IPL device used and settings if known? What kind of % removal did you achieve? How long since last treatment has it been?


Tx for the info - I have ben given some cream called ‘garamycin’ to put on the damaged area, so i hope the redness and damage will be minimised over time…Any reccomednations for other creams or treatments that would be best used for IPL burn?

As far as IPL for my Bikini line goes I was very pleased with results which were basically all hair was more or less gone in 6 sessions - even after the first 2 the difference was huge, and the hair that still grows is really fine, so it doesn’t really notice. It’s a shame my leg experience has kind of put a dampener on my first!

So, I would reccommend the treatment, but watch out for those tattoos! Would like to know if anyone else out there has ever had the same problem as me with a tattoo burned, and what were the intial and lasting effects? The area is red and swollen a bit, but the red dissappears when I press it (like sunburn). Could this mean that it will settle down and go away, or is my skin surface actually burned?

Anyway, hope the bikini line stuff helps!


By the way, my hair type is very dark, my skin quite light. My Bikini line IPL treatments were 1 month apart, which seemed to work best for me. I do not know the intensity that was used, but I have lost about 95% of the hair.