IPL/ Aurora laser

Is the Aurora laser by synron considered IPL?

I had my first treatment on my armpits two weeks ago. I had the girl turn it all the way up it felt like a tiny little shock. She went over the area a few times because I told her I was not going to come back if I did not see any change. It hurt a little but was deffinitly tolerable.

And YES I can already see that quite a bit of hair has fallen out. Very patchy as I hear is normal.

Yes, the optical energy is provided by an IPL source, not a laser. So it is a misnomer to call the Aurora a laser. There are some clinical studies on the syneron site that you may want to read. The second last one in the hair removal section was about blonde and white hair removal with the Comet.


This is a link to using Aurora on blonde and white hair.


To look at the other clinical papers, go to Physician info and then go to hair removal.