Intravaginal hair

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Let me apologize in advance if this question has been asked and answered elsewhere already; I searched the forums for a while and couldn’t find what I was looking for.

I had SRS almost 2 months ago, and am having issues with hair growth in the vaginal canal at the entrance. I got perineal electrolysis prior to SRS, but clearly did not get enough done. My question has to do with how to get rid of the hair. I know that I could do genital electrolysis again, but I just really want to avoid that since it’s so painful. Is tweezing effective enough that the hairs will eventually stop regrowing down there? If so, that’s probably the route that I will take. In case it’s relevant, I’m talking about at least 20 hairs, almost certainly less than fifty.


Intravaginal means inside the the vagina, but you are saying that the hair growth is at the entrance? Do you think a probe could even be inserted into these follicles easily if they are inside the entrance of the vagina? Perhaps a physician could numb the area prior to electrolysis to make it easier for you.

Tweezing will not stop the hair growth.

Are the hairs fine or coars? Did the doctor doing the SRS do a scrape and/or cautory of the inside skin during the SRS? How far into the canal does this extend?


Thanks for the responses. Basically, if you can visualize it, the perineum was made into a flap which extends into the vagina for the first inch or inch and a half. The area corresponds to what was just under the scrotum, and now makes up one side of the wall of the vaginal entrance. The rest of the graft, inside the body, is hairless, thank God. I could try to post a diagram or picture, but I don’t know if that’s kosher.

I think that, for the most part, the hairs (I’d say, of light coarseness) would be accessible to an electrologist’s probe. My main concern is related to pain. Would the use of an anesthetic cream be appropriate? The hair-bearing skin on the bottom of the vaginal entrance is closely surrounded by mucosal and urethral tissues. Wouldn’t there be a concern for harm for the cream to be absorbed into these semi-internal tissues?

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Do everyone a favor and post no pictures of these type here. :grin:

Lucky for you that you have an uneducated quack like myself here (inside joke) who actually knows about this procedure, and your description is good enough for me to be able to tell what was done in your case, and to say that if I were you, I would try to find the closest practitioner to you who does this type of work, and has an Apilus Platinum (Apilus SM-500, SX-500 are second choices), or Fischer CBX or higher model for your comfort level, and is willing to work in this area.

The numbing cream will not pose any problems, and will be out of your system in a short time if used properly. (some people do experience a temporary constipation as a side effect, but that should pass quickly. be sure to get your 20 grams of fiber and drink your water around this treatment. I like oatbran for fiber as one bowl can be made that contains 20 grams of fiber at once, and when you add fruit like blueberries, you have a superfood that tastes good)

This hair is easy to get rid of, and you should be able to get it removed on a schedule where you clear it all out once every 6 to 8 weeks over 6 to 9 months. (at least, that has been my experience)

Thanks James!