Okay people, discuss…

has been posted here a few times already.

I expect it to provide temporary removal akin to waxing or so.

I didn’t think there was a full blown website the last time this product was talked about here, though I may have missed something. It’s interesting if only because it’s not a product from one of the usual scammer companies.

I did not see that on their US website so I doubt it is available in the US. That is a legitimate company BTW. I would only expect temporary results from that product.


The No-No unit is really quite pathetically simple. It’s just a blade heated by batteries. They say the heat disrupts follical growth. I seriously doubt it could do anything substantial. I mean, it’s too weak to actually disrupt bulb function. It would have to be heated to the point of near singe temperatures. But at that, the sweep timing would have to be impeccable to avoid burns. You could get some serious scars from it. I have a good suspicion that the FDA would never allow it to be made and sold in the U.S. It’s either too dangerous, or too false. At least waxing and epilating pulls out at the root. People are too quick and desperate, they really want to believe that they could find a $39 dollar solution to their problems. Who this device is really aimed at are the people that can’t quite afford laser or ongoing electrolysis. Latin american countries near where it is marketed, where resources are sparse, that’s who’ll unwittingly buy it.


p.s. It upsets me that people continue to put posts up about this device in the laser catagory. I think the people that sell it want to create a buzz about it.