Interesting thing to think about.... probably impossible


I had a thought the other day about growth phases etc. Basically, if there was a method to tell which hairs were in the growth stage and only treat them…electrolysis would be the most efficient and effective way of treating unwanted hair. Now, with all the medical advances and genius’s out there…as you can see I am not one of them in raising this question. Why doesn’t someone look into that possibility… of creating a method to see if hairs are in the growth stage. It maybe an impossible thing to do…but then again it may not! Was just a passing thought!

I guess if that was possible everything would be alot easier !

The closest thing we have to treating hairs in the growth stage is shaving. If done one to three days before a treatment it actually works pretty well. Hairs that are not growing just barely peak out of the pore after they are shaved and the growers just seem to zoom out within that 1-3 day time frame. Shaving works really well for the coarser hair,especially.

I practically beg my clients to shave or clip and the ones who cooperate usually find a better degree of comfort and tolerate longer sessions much better. Shaving is only temporary until I can catch up with the problem. It’s cheap, and one can disguise their problem in those beginning sessions and thereafter for the maintenance that is needed until the end comes and there is nothing left to treat.

If one doesn’t like shaving, then one can clip the hair with scissors. Neither method causes more hair to grow or causes hair to grow thicker.


Well wouldnt this speed up the treatment… and reduce the total amount of hours. If there was 100% kill rate on all hairs in the growth stage… why would it take so long to clear and permanetly move an area if that is the case?

You mean, other than the fact that it would take a minimum of 9 months for every hair to show itself first? Other than the fact that clients come whenever they want to, and that usually does not keep up with new hair growth?

This is where doing a large treatment plan comes in. If you start out with long appointments, frequently, you will quickly get to the point where you have short appointments, spaced far apart.