Interesting question

My question concerns the decent amount of hair that I have on my chest and other parts of my body. When I slightly grab the hair and pull just a little bit i’ll have hairs in my fingers. I also have some hair in my sheets in the morning, I have never noticed this before. Is it normal to pull out quite so much hair just by a little tug or could i possibly be losing my body hair? I’m 24 years old, thanks for any help.

hi there… hair growth has a cycle where it will fall out on its own in due time… but for you to just grab some hairs randomly and it falls out easily is a bit of a concern. Check with your doctor to be sure. good luck!

It’s normal to shed hair. I don’t know why you would not have noticed it before… that’s a little stragen, but the fact that your hair is falling out is certainly not strange.

I used to amuse myself at grabing my pubic hair when i was younger. I was fascinated with it being there in the first place so I use to run my fingers through the curls (this is hwne I FIRST got hair and was not about to start shaving it or anthing like that) and yes, a lot of it came out every day without any pulling.

Over the years i have noticed that my head hair sheds a lot more when i am stressed, unhappy or unhealthy. But as soon as i would improve in any of those areas, the shedding will diminish. Maybe you are really stressed lately. In any case, i really don’t think threre is anything to worried about.


This is not really unusual. Strangely enough I also had a hair loss period at 24. I remamber showering one evening and the shower started to flood from hair blocking the drain. It was all hair from my head and my hair both thinned and my hairline on my forehead began to recede. It passed quite quickly, but possibly this is a normal occurance at this age.


We all shed. I can pull hairs from my head, beard, and pubes (when I got 'em) as well. So, Ivelina… do you still pull you hairs? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" /> Every day? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="" />