interesting and skeptical

So Im looking to get rid of some excessive hair, so i look for someone who is competent. So i come across Sheila Godfrey…had wrote books and everything. I call her and her response…i am unable to do large areas due to the commitment of both parties… i am only able to do 30 mins, however i do offer IPL, which my clients have had good results with. I Was shocked to say the least, from what i have read on here etc. It seems even the skilled electrologists are selling out. Josefa Michael get yourselves to the UK and sort this shit out. Seriously. The hunt continues, although Michael has pointed me in the right direction…i hope. LMAO. Anyway rant over. MAke your own mind up to stay away from Sheila Godfrey. :slight_smile:

Interesting and depressing!

I have met Sheila and have mutual friends/associates. I’m pretty sure her 30-minute limit is due to health problems that limit her ability. (I’m not 100% sure of this, but pretty sure.)

Sort of funny story: Several years ago, Sheila phoned me and asked if she could use photos and illustrations in my telangiectasia book, because she was going to do a book on the subject herself. I asked her, “Sure, which ones do you want?” She said: “Well, ALL of them.” She wanted to use every illustration and photo in my book — the whole thing!

I declined.

(Also, there is a school in Scotland that photocopies my books and sells them … nice huh? A company in Germany too. Nicely, they have the old translation.)

Interesting fact: I’m a member of the “Self-Publisher’s Association.” Guess which country is number ONE in plagiarism? Well, it’s shocking, it’s not China … it’s the UK!

LOL well it pretty much says it all if you cant tell the truth about something in the first place and put it down to time constraints and effort. I wonder…I may still go for a consultation just to be nosy and see if i am able to speak to her ipl clients and what her setup is. Too right, if its your work why not say no. However least she had the decency to ask you instead of taking the credit without you knowing. Which are both the same thing really you just dont feel bad with the former.