INSURANCE for Laser Hair Removal

I suffered from severe Psuedofolliculitis Barbae on my mid and lower neck region. Every time I shaved, I suffered from severe bleeding, irritation, pain, and redness. Niether the over-the-counter products worked, nor did the different regimines of lathering with soap and using warm water, etc.
With nothing to lose, I lobbied my insurance company to pay for laser hair removal and to my surprise, I was successful. I convinced the company that determines medical coverage for my insurance coverage (a seperate company than my insurance company) that my condition was medical, not cosmetic.
I’ve had 5 sessions of laser hair removal (with the sixth and final session scheduled for Aug.) equalling approximately $2500, all paid for by my insurance.

I am very interested in doing this myself, as I have PFB very badly on my neck. The area I want to treat is rather small as well. The only thing that irks me is that you say it took 6 treatments. 6? That is a lot, and I know they have to be spaced out. Also, please let us know if it worked!!

Yes, please…if you EVER return, let us know how it worked out!


I would like to know the insurance company that provided you this facility. Since I believe even my hair growth problem is due to a disease called hirsutism. May be I can take your path in this since I don’t know if I will be able to get rid of my hair even if I spend from my pocket.

thanks for the info… :smile: