Insurance Coverage- Please help

When I started reading these posts, I went in for consultation of Electrolysis. Some electrologists suggested I see an endocrinologist for PCOS as they thought it might be due to hormonal imbalance.
I saw a Gyn who referred me to the endocrinologist, had some tests done and the endocrinologist said that things were normal with me.
The total cost came to around $780.
The doctors submitted the claims for diagnosing hirsutism, and the insurance company denied the claims stating that I had it since adolescence(before the coverage policy).

I had not been to the doctor for Hirsutism, but for PCOS and hirsutism was a symptom of PCOS and I learned this after my insurance coverage started.

Can someone help me in this matter?
Any suggestions what should be my next step?


Your insurance company is hoping you will just go away. You need a doctor who is on your side, and the will to body check them into giving you what your policy says you have paid for!

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