Instructions for One-Touch

Can someone give me a quick run-down on how to use the One Touch? I bought one on ebay for $17, but the instructions are in French.


You will need a dish of salt water, just mix a teaspoon of salt into some warm water in a dish…you will be repeatedly dipping your fingers in this.
Then put the dial to zero, this is the lowest setting, it’s not off.
You hold the probe without touching the metal bit and insert into the follicle, then with salt water moistened finger touch the metal plate.
You will probably have to count to 15-60 seconds depending on the hair thickness.
If you don’t feel much then you can increase the setting and find out what you can tolerate…the higher the setting the less amount of time you will need to kill the hair.
You may find this tedious but there’s a modification you can do to make a footswitch with a wet spong and avoid this whole we fingers thing.
Search for it on this website.

Thanks very much! This will save me a lot of time trying to type the instructions into Bablefish.

Also review:

Thanks Nohair, that’ very helpful!