Instantron ss-69 wanted

I’m looking for an Instantron SS-69. It’s an older machine.

Some time back, you could have had your pick of 5 or 6 of those on Ebay. This week, the only real machine being offered over there is:
Clarablend from 1989 Item # 9508103361
It will do thermolysis, galvanic and blend, and the current bid price is really low. So far, this machine is a steal!

If your heart is set on the Instantron Tronco 4 SS-69, then you can call the guys who I sold my last museum pieces to:
Texas Electrolysis Supply (800) 626-6025. Myron totally refurbishes and resells electrolysis machines of all types. He is an authorized repair person for most equipment manufacturers, and the machines I sent him were all in perfect working order anyway.

Good Luck

PS. you did already buy Bono’s Blend book, and or Meharg/Richards’ Cosmetic and Medical Electrolysis text books right? If the answer is no, you are buying them from Texas Electrolysis Supply to be delievered with your machine, right?

Thanks, Sir James!!
I have those books and more!!!
I know it’s an oldie but… I like that machine.