Inspiration for living with unwanted hair

I wanted to post this hairtell because we are constantly putting ourselves down about the things we don’t like about our bodies. And this extends to men as well. I found out about this young girl a year ago on reddit but came across this interview recently. She is a young woman who has PCOS. This has probably been posted before but just in case youve never seen it, heres the link below.

What i absolutely love about her is that she has the confidence to go out in public, and doesnt try to mask her appearance. As a woman, i would have such a problem with this if it were me, but honestly, shes probably more woman than any of us to embrace this lifestyle. And shes only 23. Yes being Sikh does have a huge impact on the way she embraces this but its still something to be inspired by. This is just a reminder that even though you may find a problem with your body, know that its not the end of the world… you owe it to yourself to live a happy life and ruminating in the negative will always lead to despair.

The amazing part is that she is SO INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL, even through all that hair i see it. Her smile, her eyes, she just exudes beauty PERIOD.