Inner bikini area + anus

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I have experience in electrolysis in almost every part of my body. My electrolysist is using the newest machine and she is very professional to the point I never had to use numbing cream (which I had to with others before I found her).

Recently I’ve been thinking about going deep - to the inner parts of the vagina and around the anus. I’ve already done some laser treatments there, and it was painful. Even the non painful laser, was still painful there for me.
While it reduced the amount of hair there, it’s still not clear, especially in those hard to reach areas.
My electrolysist told me that from feedback from other clients, they said it was still painful even with numbing cream, because the area is very sensitive.
She also advised to use only up to 5% lidocaine numbing cream and not more than that in the specific area.
I guess I’m a little concerned from the pain, since I know it will take at least 4 hours total if not more, to clear this area.

I want to hear from your experience, did you use numbing cream? Did it worked well? How was the pain level compared to laser?

When it comes to Bikini area ( especially inner Bikini) I will not perform a treatment when a topical lidocaine is used. I will refuse that client and they will be told the same will happen any time they use lidocaine on the genital area . No I’m not being overly harsh.

First I will say that there is at least one recorded death from the use of topical 5 % anesthetic use. It’s mostly believed to be a case of blatent mis-use of the product. Here’s what happened:

An american woman covered her body in EMLA ( 2.5 % lidocaine and 2.5% prilocaine) from naval to toes and wrapped herself in saran wrap as occlusion. She died on the way to her laser hair removal appointment when massive amounts of the product absorbed very quickly and in large quantities into the blood stream though mucus membranes in the female genital area. She reacted negatively to the product, which absorbed easily though these membranes , and the result is her death. Doctors determined that it was this rapid absorption that lead to her death. I’ll also say that this was largely considered an extreme case of misuse of product.

There is no way around this when it comes to genital work. The product is not designed to be used in this area because of this issue, and if you read the precautions on the EMLA insert you will still find the warning that this is a possibility.

Does inner bikini area hurt? Absolutely. My experience as a electrologist, is that while a great many women come to me for this type of work, almost NEVER do they finish the process. Some bow out after one or two appointments, others might last 8-10 appointments, but they dont tend to finish the process and treatments on average become more difficult as time goes by. Of the most uncomfortable areas, inner and outer labia are among the most painful . They are also some of the more difficult and slow areas to work on, there is a LOT of stretching of the skin in order to get an insertion, changes in direction of growth from hairs in the area, and finer white hairs which seem plentiful and are time consuming to remove.

I have one asian background client who has done very well, and gotten through 8-10 sessions so far by keeping appointments short, but swears and curses like a sailor for the 10-15 minutes each one lasts. This seems to be the trick, keep the appointments short in order to get through it. If you are going to use lidocaine, keep at least 2-3 inches away from the vaginal opening and use occlusion to ensure that none access the vagina. Your life may depend on it!

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A few suggestions here:

  1. NO numbing creams on that area.
  2. Ask your electrologist to test slow blend or even pure galvanic(if she is familiar with these modalities). The DC current tends to numb the area and after at about 5 min you will feel much less pain. The numbing will last up to 30-40 min.After 5 min she can increase the energy. If she changes the area she has to start low again.
  3. Ask your electrologist to treat only early anagen hairs in that area.They will require much less energy and the follicle has a lot of moister. This will require many short appointments.

Well I must say I’m too scared to try it without numbing the area first, specially since I’ve been told the numbing only reduces the pain but it’s still a bit painful.
Regarding the cream, I heard EMLA is commonly used to numb hemorrhoids pain, so I assume they even use it directly on the anus and not only around?
In any case, I’m aware of the risks and was planning to only use a small amount every time, directly to the targeted area (for example- one appointment 15 mins is the right side of the anus, about 2 inches long- so this is only where I put the cream)

are there any other ways I can reduce the amount of hair there before I do it? I already had laser there, and it reduced significantly (specially in the lower part of the vagina, but not in the anus) I thought about buying one of those home IPL and do it slowly and low on myself in my own pace, and then finish off with electrolysis. But I’m not sure if my current state is the most “finished off” it can get…

Emla is a topical anesthetic made from members of the caine family of anaesthetics and is meant for areas no bigger than the size of your palm. Using it on any area larger, you risk an overdose and complications which include but are not limited to respiratory distress that could lead to death. This is what happened to the girl who wrapped herself in Saran Wrap and Emla.
Emla when used properly and directions are followed, can help to make the treatment more tolerable. However tolerable does not mean painless!
Genital work is difficult no matter which modality used.
You might have to accept the fine hairs left from your laser treatments. Or another realistic option is to have a touch up laser treatment 2 or 3 times a year.
I love both Laser and Electrolysis and offer both treatments to my clients. I am a former owner of a plastic surgery clinic (retired) for 12 years and am a plastic surgery consultant. My career started with Electrolysis and evolved.
I myself have had Electrolysis and Laser treatments. Laser on my legs, bikini and underarms in 2004. A total of 7 treatments. It was a permanent solution for those areas. For my face I have stayed with Electrolysis but I never had real issues.
For my clients who are dealing with full dark beards, I do laser and finish with Electrolysis. For anything lighter than brown/black, it’s Electrolysis. And yes, I do recommend Emla for the upper lip, particularly for the upper and lower midline lip.
Good luck with your treatments.
Stay safe and be well!
Best regards always,
Joyce M Palmer
Palmer Laser and Electrolysis

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Noooooooo. Noooooooo. Nooooooo. It is painful. Cream will not help there.
Not sure where you live. We have doctor in the office, numbing our clients with local anesthesia. We always numb inner vagina, lips. Upper triangle you might be able to do with cream, but once you go down/inside to the opening it’s going to be painful. Anus as well. Well. I am sorry for the “painful” news.

Where is Mike Bono who promised a lecture on lidocaine?!
I don’t think clients have to live through torture because there is a report from years ago about a single death from what was described as compounded lidocaine and not EMLA or LMX both of which are designed to be absorbed by mucosal membranes (anorectal creams).
Life threatening effects from topical lidocaine is very rare to be gripped by fear of using it. You can’t even use all 30 grams of tube in the mentioned areas even if you tried.

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Here is the article about the young woman that died.

Thanks for the article it clarifies a lot and needs to be pinned on this site. So in both cases the women were not using EMLA brand but a compounded lidocaine-tetracane combo.
I had entire torso covered by LMX 5% entire tube 30g for when I had laser treatments used it 8 times, used lidocaine for electrolysis treatments too without which I would not be able to go through treatments.

fenix I think Mike is all done with hairtell. I dont know all the reasons why but since we switched to the new server he has not been around. I’ve asked him to, a few times, but his reply has always been “I just cant do it”.

Emla is used daily on thousands of people safely and it is the only legally available numbing cream here, in the UK. I’ve been using EMLA on clients bikini area for 16 yrs now. For the entire company I used to work for, of 26 clinics nationwide over 10 yrs we had 1 client with an overdose - petite Indian girl used 4 tubes X 30g EMLA on legs. She’d had this dose before and had been fine with it, but on that day she hadn’t eaten or slept much and was exhausted. She fainted but came around pretty quickly. We reduced the allowed application dose by half after that case to 60 g at a time.
I find that you don’t need more than 20-30g for bikini area. If you don’t suffer with low blood pressure of heart rate anomalies , you should be perfectly fine. Be careful if you’re taking oral painkillers too as it all adds up.
Inner labia can be pretty challenging but it is not possible. Maybe try working in small patches if you are finding it difficult. Since you’ve had laser there already, there wouldn’t be much to do anyway.
Good luck!


Ye unfortunately I noticed that but I was hoping he would continue expanding his youtube channel with lectures. I remember him once mentioning that he was working on a lecture regarding pain management including how he does local anesthetic in collaboration with a physician.