Initial Clearance & Question

Hi Guys,

I know this is a silly question to be asking - I should be asking my electro. I have recently started having electro on my shoulders and back. I’ve done about three sessions of 45 - 1 hour each time. The hair on my back is fine but there is a fair amount of it.

I am still unsure weather I will be sticking to this tech.
So my first question for you guys is…

My skin seems to be fine, after treatments it is red and a little lumpy, that settles down in a day or so, then I recieve the little scabs and then when it is next appointment time the area is looking pretty good, still healing but good. I feel no plucking of the hair what so ever. However, firstly I am unsure if I should stick to the tech or get a new one. How can I gauge if they are making the insertions right or not goign too deep? Is their a certain feeling which I could gauge this? Is it really abit of try it out and see for a year…to see if the tech is doing a good job…??

I am wondering from personal experience what is the kind of time frame for the initial clearance. I understand there is various factors, hence why I should be asking electro. However, I would be interested in knowing an approximate time frame?


hi mailie,

with respect to your first set of questions, let me tell you this of what i think a good electrologist looks like or does.

1- they are accredited
2- they have been in the business and doing electrolysis for some time (they got experience with different ppl, different skin types, hairs etc)
3- they are pretty fast and efficient
4- they got good ligthing and magification equipment
5- the hair that is being treated is pulled out easily and not plucked out
6- the after reaction is minimal because insertions are correct and electrologist is doing a good job (rememeber your own personal after care is very important here too)
7- the electrologist hands and equipments are clean and sanitized
8- they are confident in their work and are knowledgeable
9- over all happy people who give clients hope that their problem can be solved. (remembere positive thinking helps with half the battle of any problem, illness or hardship)

thats pretty much how i saw my electrologist. and she’s fits most of the above criteria. of course some points outweight others.

now with regards to your next set of questions. Full clearance depends on how much hair you have, the area size and the machine being used (also the speed of the technician). you said you are doing back and shoulders. now these areas are pretty large areas and depending on hair per square ince you have, this could take a while for full clearance. not like a chin or face lets say. so you might need a couple of hours (i.e. appointments) to reach full clearance on such a large area of the body. key thing is to be patient. if your using thermolysis, thats pretty fast and you’ll reach full clearance faster than if you were using blend. it doesnt mean thermolysis is better than blend. blend has its advantage, but technician skill is most important when using thermolysis. they really got to be good at it.

i know there can be alot more to say, bt this is what i can think of right now. good luck with everything


Thank-you for that reply!

My tech said we were starting with thermolysis then down the track we would move on to blend. I know she has been doing this for quiet sometime. I’d have to say my tech does fit the majority of those points you made. Previously, I had a couple of test patches done with other places, but their prices were to high and I didn’t warm to the techs. I think I will see over the next two sessions how its going and I may shop around a little more before I settle.

I’ll keep you posted

One thing I want to point out is that receiving electrolysis service takes a long time and you have to be happy spending your time with the person working on you, assuming they fit all other criteria for a good technician…of course some people have limited choices available to them, such as myself in a small town but if you’re in a larger city you can afford to be picky…so pick someone you like spending a lot of time with…it will distract you from any pain and you will feel like you’re having a good time as opposed to putting in the time to get the job done.