inhibitif hair reduction spray

has anyone tried the new inhibitif hair reduction spray currently available from Boots stores,it says results are as good as laser, i was thinking of trying this as it does sound promising…waiting for a few more reviews before buying…has anyone tried this spray yet?

No… as a general rule of thumb OTC medications < Prescription medications. And no prescription medications are proven to destroy hair, only inhibit.

The company will probably be defunct in the next year or two anyway, don’t waste your money! Which reminds me… can anyone explain to me why the company that makes the following Vector Electrolysis/No No!/Aavex equipment still exists…?

These companies with the quick fix solutions have been around taking advantage of desperate people for a very long time, they prey on people’s insecurities and desperation.

In Canada the government agency that investigates consumer complaints about misleading advertising will not initiate an investigation based a single or a small number of complaints, so these charlatans are able to carry on unimpeded. I have tried to have an investigation process started to no avail.

I see many people who have wasted a great deal of money on these gimmicks and trinkets only to realize that electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal solution in the end.

Carmella, the legal position here is identical and no action is ever taken until a significant number of complaints is received. This is definitely a case of buyer beware. I think if such a simple solution to the problem of unwanted hair had been found, that it would have hit the headlines and would be all over the media. In this business, whenever someone tries to sell me their latest gadget that removes hair painlessly and permanently (often at trade shows) I exclaim amazement that I had not heard of their discovery and ask them to direct me to the reviewed research. They take my number, sound excited at my interest in their product, and I never hear from them again.

This Product does not claim to get rid of hair it claims to increase the time between hair removal for instance if you shave it should reduce the amount of time to fortnightly eventually for legs and if you wax once a month with this product you could maybe eventually get away with doing it every 2 months instead it doesn’t talk about facial hair the bottle looks too big for this I;d be worried praying on the face its for legs and under arms primarily of this is how its advertised in the UK and its advertised to increase the amount of time between hair removal it doesn’t claim to stop hair from growing.

Just wanted to update this thread that I spotted this product in our local boots recently and bought the cheaper of the products under arm roll on comes in fragranced and unfragranced. I bought the fragranced product.

I have only used it for 2 weeks so needs much longer use to see what results will end up like but I removed the hairs 2.5 weeks ago and will remove them again this evening. I normally do my under arms once a week with an epilator and have on occasion has ingrow hairs which I hate.
I can not see any ingrown hair which is fab and the colour is a lot paler as if I was a natural blonde and thinner even after this short time.

This product will never get rid of the hairs but does seem to be increasing the amount of time between removal sessions and helping them be less obvious when they do grow back through.

I wanted to try the under arm first as its the cheapest product, really looking to get the main product to help reduce the amount of brazilian waxes until I can afford to get it properly lasered perhaps not in this life time lol