Ingrowns!!! Please help!!


Hi everyone!

Thanks very much for this very informative website!!

James and Andrea you both seem very knowledgeable and I would really appreciate your advice or anyone else who could have an opinion.

I’ve been having this ingrows all over my legs for a while and it gets to a point where is completely ridiculous that I can’t go to the beach or wear skirt. Anyway I finally went to a dermatologist which I didn’t find very useful. He told me that my only solution would be Laser Hair Removal and in the meanwhile told me to use NeoStrata Toning Solution Acne Care. My question is if this is a acne product can it still help with ingrows? It’s also pretty expensive it’s about $45 for 1 month.
I’m desperate!! Any opinion would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot!


Most doctors would have steered you towards some expensive thing. I guess Fluocininide is no longer in favor. Maybe the ban on generic forms of that ran out.

Anyway, you could just as easily use Tend Skin for half that price, or even mix up your own home brew batch for one hundreth of the price.

The question is why are your leg hairs ingrown. Are you waxing or plucking and they are ingrowing from that? Are you shaving and your hairs are so curly that you are getting ingrowns from the sharp point and curling jabbing back into the skin? What is your idea as to why this is happening?


I don’t know why and that depresses me even more… I wax and just once in a while shave. I have dark and coarse hair.
What’s the best option? Shave or wax?

Thanks for your response!


Also, why would the dermatologist tell me to use a acne product for ingrown hair? Does that make sense to you?


I would think that shaving would be safer, as waxing causes hairs to break off below the skin’s surface, thus assuring ingrown hairs.

Most acne products are just sloughing agents, and so that would work for ingrown hairs as well as it would opening up a pimple. You can get that done much less expensively that’s all.


I’ve been using Tend Skin for about 2/3 weeks with no visible results. Should I continue? Can I use both Tend Skin and NeoStrata at the same time?

Thanks very much!


That sounds strange to me. I would like to see a picture of this problem area. I can’t imagine using Tend Skin and not clearing up the problem. Usually, one only has to use it once or twice a day and the skin is good as new, in no time.


Some people are just prone to ingrowns, no matter what, especially after waxing. A couple good treatments with laser can actually help a lot. And considering how much TendSkin costs, it wouldn’t be that expensive. If your hair dark and coarse? What is your skin type? I’m getting my lower legs treated for $250 per treatment total for both. And there are cheaper prices in the area as well. I just prefer this clinic.


I think I’m skin is type III. I have dark and coarse hair.
WOW! $250 per treatment only??? That’s pretty good unfortunately can’t find that price in Toronto. Anyway, what’s the best type of laser for my skin type?

Also, would the laser help with healing the red scars due to ingrowns?

About the Tend Skin maybe I should continue using it together with the NeoStrata (since I bought it already)… I will take some pics as soon as possible and put them here.

Thanks very much you all;)


I used to use Tend Skin, but now I have been using PFB vanish on my ingrown and razor bumps all over my body. It is a pretty good product, the skin stays soft and doesn’t dry out.