Ingrowns or tombstones?

I had posted several questions last week that RJC2001 was able to answer for me (thanks RJC!). I do have another one… or two.

A week ago today I had my first lhr treatment on my arms and legs. I am skin type IV, the lightsheer diode laser was used and the setting was 30 joules. I did get some hair growth starting the next day and I have shaved once since the treatment. I’m noticing that I seem to have a lot more “bumps” than I would normally get. It looks like ingrowns but could these just be tombstones that will shed? Some of the hair does pull out if I gently tug on it. I haven’t yanked any out by force. I know I’m being a bit impatient but it’s difficult to just sit around and wait when you’re not sure what’s going on.

Also, what setting would you recommend for me? I was told that for my next treatment the joules would be increased by a few. Would that be strong enough? My reaction to the last treatment was not that bad. I had red dots and bumps around a lot of the pores. The redness went away after a couple of days. It didn’t seem that bad.


Note: I have thick black hair on most my legs and arms.

Since you tolerated 30J very well, you should be able to handle 40. Your practitioner should recognize this and start out with a few test spots at 40 to see how you react.