Ingrowns because of hairs becoming thinner - bought tend skin.

I thought that problems with ingrowns would become less when the hairs get thinner, but now the problem is that on the upper part of my back and my shoulders the hairs sometimes can’t penetrate the skin because they are so thinn and I get unsightly inflammations. In some cases the hair gets totally buryed under the skinn and the skin turns darker there.
I have these buryed hairs on the lower part om my back too but they dont get as inflammated, more like small dots that you can feel…

Before IPL treatments the hairs were thick and got partially buryed under the skin and you could tweeze them out or use a needle.
But thinn hairs seem to be a mess too, I meen, God nows how many buryed hairs I will have in my skinn in a few years time

I’ve bought tend skin and used it for like one week now on my shoulders and I’ve seen two of these buryed hairs pop up, but I don’t know if it is because of tend skin or if they would have poped up anyway.
But I cant get to the buryed hairs further down my back.

I think I will ask my Blend practitioner if she can take out my ingrowns. I meen, if one uses a sterile needle the skin won’t get infected, but if you don’t take the ingrown out you will always have a bump/inflammation - at least in my case.

Also, I wonder if anyone has experienced “raised” hair follicles after LHR. I meen, at the end of the hair were it is anchord to the skin, my skin is a little raised - like a small bump. I guess one always have this, but now after LHR when the hairs are being shed, it is much more prominent and looks bad, and some are more raised then others. I didn’t experience this after IPL.
Will this settle after the hairs have shed?

Yes, I too had these raised bumps. These should subside eventually.
As far as your ingrown problem, I loofa(spelling?) gently and over time the hair will make its way out. Be patient, don’t pick or prod with a needle every day. This causes an inflammatory response to the follicle, if you do not successfully get the ingrown out you just took 2 steps back. Let the body do its thing and after a few months then take other action. Just my opinion.

Hi grumpy. Thankyou for the advise. But if I let the ingrowns be, the inflammations just remain.

Where did you have raised bumps on your body and when did they go away?
I can’t remember having these raised follicles when I waxed my back, it has started since IPL treatments when I shaved my back for the first time (or actually my practitioners shaved it and it was a very bad and bloody shave).

With laser I had bumps all over my back and upper arms. 2 wks is how long it took for them to go away.
Now I’m no expert but I used to shave my entire body several years ago. The biggest problem with the shaving was when I went against the grain of the hair. You bet it got bloody and really sensitive. Huge discolored ingrowns would then appear and hang around for 1-2 months, like some sort of cystic acne. I left them alone, scrubbed to keep top layer of skin over the ingrowns thin, and eventually they subsided. Hopefully this is what your dealing with otherwise I don’t know what else to tell you. Hang in there…its not easy…but anything worth a damn is never easy. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />

Thankyou for the reply grumpy.
I have experienced too that the bumpiness subsides after a week or two, but the problem is that I have much of the bumpiness even after shedding is over and new hairs grow in - so actually that meens all the time.
I did have these permanent bumps on my upper arms and also some on my fore arms becuase I used to remove the hairs there with depilatory machine. But I didn’t get it on my back…also before I had 6 IPL treatments at a clinic that never shaved my back but only trimmed the hairs short, and also then I didn’t have dots like this.
Maybe it’s a case of permanent bumps or something…my practitioner keeps saying that they will go away when the hair is gone, but before treatments I had much thicker hair and I waxed it and I can’t remember ever having this problem. I know the problem emerged after the first time I ever shaved my back, my practitoners shaved it and as I mentioned before it was a uggly shave - a skin massacre.
Bad luck for me.
Maybe I will se a dermatologist about this.

About the ingrowns…I get so many and they leave unsightly hyperpigmented marks…I have brown skin so everything is worse on me (at least it seems like most white people don’t have as sensitive skin).

By the way, what results have you got with the LHR on your body? Are you pleased with it? Have your hair become thinner like me and if so, do you have this problem with weakened hairs not being able to penetrate the skin leading to inflammation bumps?

I really believe that LHR or IPL can’t be done as succefully on brown skin. I meen, I can only imagine how good results I would get if I had white skin (and black hair of course) and could have higher fluence, like 27 instead of 21 on the IPL machine (also 21 gave me burns, but without blisters, just like gray/brown very thinn crusts, I hope they will go away without a trace).