Ingrowns are getting worse, despite loofa and tend skin...

I’ve had 9 IPL treatments on my back and the hairs have gotten much thinner.
After the eighth IPL treatment when the hairs had shed and regrowth was occuring, the hairs had become so thin that some of them couldn’t penetrate the skin on my shoulders and shoulder blades. And I got a lot of big, inflammated, pus and blood filled ingrowns.
Before the eighth treamtent I didn’t have this problem, not even when I used to wax - I would only get maybe three ingrowns and they were always easy to get out with tweezers. The ones I get now are really inside the skin and a hard cyst forms above it after the inflammation has healed.

Everybody says that laser and IPL are good for getting rid of ingrowns so I thought I would continue treatments and had my ninth IPL treatment on the back over a month ago. The treatment killed the root of the old ingrown hairs so they stopped growing of course and are now trapped in the skin like hard bumps with no way to get out because they are not growing so that maybe they would break through the skin eventualy.
Also now I am in the beginning of regrowth after the ninth treatment and already several hairs are starting to form hyperpigmented ingrown cysts/bumps.

I am using loofa gloves now for two weeks and I use Tend skin on the problem areas several times a day. I don’t know if I dare to continue IPL treatments anymore. Maybe I will go back to waxing, but I guess that too will cause ingrowns becuase the problem is due to the fact that the hairs have become thin and weak. I should have stopped treatments after the seventh time, but I had no way knowing that these problems would occure.
Also I must add that I haven’t seen any hair removal, only hair thinning.

It’s crazy, but I wish the hairs on my back could become thicker. Not as they were originaly, but like they were two treatments ago when the regrowth occured without a single ingrown and certainly no cysts!
It’s funny becuase just a few months ago I wished the hair on my back would become as thinn as possible, but I had no idea thinn hairs in thick skin could become such a mess!

Can it also be the fact that hairs grows slower and slower after each laser/IPL treatment that gives the hair to much time under the skin so that it can grow wrong?
I mean, will the hairs grow faster and become “more alive” if I change to waxing? Maybe then they will break through the skin?

It is realy like a nightmare. Atleast before when I waxed a had a smooth back for two weeks before regrowth and the regrowth was without problems.

Now I don’t know what will become of my skin. It seems like I have to stop removing this thin hairs or else my skin will look like the skin of a lizzard after a few regrowths with belonging ingrowns.
And considering the fact that I have such big issues with my back beeing covered with hair, it seems like I am in a dead end. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="" />

Also, Tend skin doesn’t seem to work on me.

Has anyone else had this issue with hairs becoming thinner and not beeing able to break through the skin??? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />
I hope someone could have warned me about this, or maybe it’s just me that react this way. Maybe I have unusualy thick skin - I don’t know.

have you tried using an actual exfoliating cream instead of the gloves? also, tend skin sometimes takes 3 weeks to work with applications 3 times daily.

Do you mean the creams that feels like it’s sand in them? No, haven’t tried that. But isn’t it much more exfoliating to use rough gloves that peel of skin mechanicaly?

I’ve read that IPL and laser can get rid of existing ingrowns that have formed postules, like in the beard of africans. But how is this supposed to work? Because the hairs will remain in the skin even after treatment and the body will still react to them as foreign bodies = inflammation.

Yes, those creamy things work pretty well. it’s worth a try. of course, it’s different for everyone. they’re not as irritating either since you don’t scrub the top layer of the skin harshly.

I believe the body pushes out foreign bodies, so when hair is killed by laser etc, it should get pushed out of the skin eventually.

Do you just scrub the cream on with your hands? How often should I use it?

follow the directions on the bottle. I think with most you put some on with water and scrub gently with a loofa. the best thing to do is soak the skin in a warm shower/bath for at least 10 minutes beforehand to open up pores. for that reason, something like a steam room would help too.

I wonder, shouldn’t I eventualy see skin get peeled of when using Tend skin regularly?
I don’t see this, maybe it doesn’t work on my skin? Also I get the fluid on my fingertips all the time when I apply it and I don’t see the skin on my fingertips shed or anything.
I can’t see how this fluid can get out ingrowns from the hardened skin bumps.

I wonder, those ingrowns where the hair can’t be seen but you get the inflammation/bump, if you never can take the hair out, will the bump remain for ever or does the iflammation subside?

Maybe you should see a dermatologist. I really think you should see a dermatologist. Perhaps the dermatologist could give you a special prescription to make it go away.