ingrowns and bumps!

hey all,
im a dark haired olive skinned girl with serious leg hair issues. i get ingrowns like crazy and the backs of my thighs are covered in these little red bumps that have hairs inside them. i dont know what to do to get rid of these gross things! it is so embarrassing! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif" alt="" /> does anyone know of a solution??? thanks!

i have the same complexion and hair color, and used to have the same problem, i’m not sure if they’re related…

i can’t really advise u on what to do, but i will tell u that i used to shave and now switched to waxing/epilation; i no longer have that problem with waxing/epilating.

maybe u should try another hair removal method and see what happens <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Hi all! I recall reading once about another member who had a similar problem on his upper thighs and someone advised him to try Green Tea Tree oil which has many anti-bacterial properties. The bumps could also be caused me the rubbing of your freshly shaved legs on your pants or jeans–try to avoid tight fitting jeans after shaving.

Some other members recommend using Tend Skin–available at to clear up ingrowns but it might be to harsh on sensitive skin. Others write of Benzoyl Peroxide but I think this would be pretty harsh on the skin! Also check out the PFB/Razor bump forum. I read about a cream which is available at which claims to clear up razor bumps. Don’t know if it works but it could be worth trying!

Good luck!

u can also try Bikini Zone’s Medicated After-Shave (i love it)… sally hansen makes one too, i’m not sure what it’s called though… both are sold at walgreen, eckerd, cvs, walmart, and target… i’m sure they can also be found at several similar other places that i don’t know of

Tend Skin always gets my vote-- check out the Razor Bumps forum, too:

Has anybody tried Jergens “naturally smooth skin” on the face??? I don’t know if it’s meant to be used just on the legs or whether it would be too harsh on the face–anybody’s experience would be great!

aveeno makes a similar moisturizer for the face… it claims to make facial hair “fade” in about 2 weeks

Has anybody tried Jergens “naturally smooth skin” on the face??? I don’t know if it’s meant to be used just on the legs or whether it would be too harsh on the face–anybody’s experience would be great!

It’s not harsh, but it may be too greasy to use on the face.


Hi Caramel and RJC!

I’ve been looking for the Aveeno moisturizer and Jergen’s “smooth skin” but haven’t found them so far. I have however, come across a few creams that are designed for use after epilating the legs–supposedly, they inhibit hair growth but I’m worried about an allergic reaction. A lot of them contain too many chemicals and fragrances which really irritate my skin. I think the shop assistants might think I’m nuts if I start asking them about whether they can be used on the face! LOL!!!

Well, I guess the only way is to make a guinea pig of myself and hopefully, there won’t be an allergic reaction.


here, u can read all about the aveeno one i told u about:

and here’s the one made by jergens:

hope this helps <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

Hi smoothlover

If you are seriously allergic then my best advice is to obtain a package insert of the active ingredients, additives and importantly the preservatives that are in any product you are considering. With all due respect to store assistants, they are not the most qualified to advise on medical conditions. Rather take the package insert or list to a pharmacist and get his/her advice before using the product. Take care on the armpits as these are the site of lymphatic glands and can trigger a systematic allergic reaction in some people.


I’ve used “Naturally Smooth”, and while it is nice body cream, I think you will be disappointed if you expect any noticeable amount of hair growth control from it. I really think it does nothing in that department. Perhaps on women with extremely fine hairs it retards growth, but certainly not on a man.

In my search for a way to reduce irritation and razor bumps, I came across a product called “stubble stop” which supposedly reduces stubble and inhibits facial hair growth. It’s from the UK and is available at --is it available in the US too? I’d love to hear someone’s experience about this product before ordering it from the UK and paying for shipping and handling.

Hi Everyone!

I’m getting really fed up with shaving with the blade–too many cuts and bumps and soooo very time consuming. I’m considering switching to an electric razor but concerned about the irritation it might cause. The last time I used an electric was a very long time ago and it was a rotary–I remember getting a lot of red bumps and some ingrowns from it and quickly stopped using it. I switched to using a blade after that and have used an electric for at least 15 years.

From your collective experience, does electric razor shaving cause more or less irritation than using a blade on sensitive skin? Is it better to get a dry/wet combo razor? Would a foil or a rotary be better?