Yeah so anyways, I’m a dude and I get very heinous ingrowns on my neck, pretty much neckline and below…oh yeah and sometimes along my jawline, what would some one suggest to help eliminate my prob w/o spending $60 on Tend Skin??? I use the Mach3 also, and it usually does this sharp or not. The worst area is right along the sides of my adam’s apple. I guess the best thing to compare it too are like what African American dudes get who have heavy beards especially on the neck area…thanks.



Do you exfoliate?
Of so, with what and how much?


No, but what would you suggest?



One of those natural sponges or lomfaa or similar.
Use it while in the shower, rub against the hair for a while.
This will eliminate a lot of old dead skin and allow the hair foilicules to break thru the skin so you will have less ingrowns.

Tend skin works great for a healty $.
Even a pumice stone could be used but lightly


Where did you see Tend Skin costing $60? It’s less than half that price.


Todd, I’m actually not sure about that umber, just what I read in one post…


Aguila, cool, I’ll try the pumice or loofa, thanks again dude, great help.