Ingrown hairs

Hi, I have had 3 treatments with the Gentlelase (sp?)and so far I have had great results, I only have to go in every three months. Well I am getting treated on my chin and neck area, however I have noticed that I have a few ingrown hairs and they have been there for a number of months now. I have tried Trendskin but it doesn’t seem to treat it b/c I think the hairs are too deep, they actually haven’t made a bump/pimple either. How do I get rid of this? It looks like I have black dots on my neck…I also don’t want to pick at my neck b/c it has left scars in the past…what can be done? Please help

Other than Tendskin, I recommend allowing ingrowns to resolve on their own. Prescription bleaching cream like Lustra (hydroquinone 4%) can help hyperpigmentation. Its referred to as bleaching cream but actually blocks the production of excess pigment that leads to dark spots.