ingrown hairs since 9 months

Hi everyone,

I had my legs waxed 9 months ago and i still have ingrown hairs, i though they will leave by themselves but not really…

Is there a solution or i will have this for 50 years lol. I specify that once i had my legs waxed the beautician did apply some oil (i don’t know what) and that’s it. Would I have to do something else to avoid ingrown ?

Thanks you

Nobody can help ? I had 2 alexandrite sessions but nothing has changed.

Eeeeek! Nine months of this?

There are products for ingrown hairs. TendSkin is one. I think Bump-Free is another. These are chemical exfoliators. Do you regularly exfoliate in the shower with a nubby mitt (not nit, like I previously wrote)?

Your hair is too light and thin for laser, so I’m not surprised that you saw no results. Did the hair shed at least?

I don’t have nubby nit but i scrubbed with this Garnier multiples times for weeks but nothing has changed. Do you think i should find a vascular laser treatment ? Because i don’t think all those redness are ingown hairs


AHA might clear it up. Did you ever look in to the fact you might have folliculitis or some other skin disorder?

Can you take a close up macro picture of a bumpy area?

No ideas ?

I can only think of a solution to solve your problem. Learn to extract each of these ingrown hairs for yourself. I uploaded several videos on Youtube where you can see how to do it. If you have difficulty buying sterile hypodermic needles, let me know. I can send you some.

I removed every ingrown that i could but the others seems to be redness nothing more. I don’t understand :s

When the redness persists is because there is a hair that is causing irritation. You may not see it, but there it is.

I know of what I speak, long ago that hair and I are old friends.

To add to Jossie’s comments. Yes, indeed. I would add that you are simply going to have to “wait it out.” There is no way to get the hairs to grow out any faster. When they get within “striking range” and you can easily lift them out, then go for it.

No amount of scrubbing-off the skin is going to help; it will only cause more irritation. Don’t do it.

NO vascular laser PLEASE! You have no “vascular problem,” you have normal inflamation from ingrown hairs.

My beautiful 15-year-old client (who waxed the hell out of herself) is being finished up with electrolysis. However, we are still waiting for the “millions” of ingrowns to get within range … it’s probably been almost a year. At least five of these are going to have to be surgically removed. (I’ll take a photo of this mess if she agrees.)

Just wondering: What did your beautician say about the ingrowns from waxing?

The beautician said to exfoliate the skin with scrubbing and hydratation… Should i try chemical exfoliation ? I’ve seen that benzoyl peroxid could help is this true ? The fact is that i don’t see the hairs i think it’s to deep i can’t extract them.


A bit of an exaggeration, but you can’t drill for oil with a garden hoe. It’s like this …

A man shaves his beard, but the hairs are only cut off at skin level … sometimes a bit lower. In predisposed men, the epidermis grows over the shaved hair and forms a bump. In this case, such products as “Skin Tend” work great (“dissolving” the outer epidermis). Bumps from shaving (legs) also get freed-up with “scrubbing and hydration.” But, that’s not what you are presenting. Consider this …

You pulled-out (waxed) the entire “hair root.” Although most folks do not realize this, hairs are “rooted” VERY deeply … often deeper than the dermis and right down into the “fat layer!” So now your hairs grew back and, probably, a few of them are growing VERY deep … sometimes “circling around” in the dermis itself (rare, but the worst case scenario … I’m going to get a photo of this next week).

You can’t “scrub off” your skin to the dermis! Well you can, you would need a wire brush, but you will start bleeding once you get down to the “papillary dermis.” I don’t think you want to do that. Besides, all the scrubbing and irritating lotions are only adding insult to your injury.

You said, “the hairs are too deep and I can’t extract them.” And that’s RIGHT! Again, scrubbing is in the epidermis, but your hairs a below that skin layer … so what’s the point?

In nearly all cases, your hairs are ALL going to eventually grow high enough for a simple (SAFE) extraction or exfoliation. However, don’t start DIGGING at yourself. You can very definitely cause a fearsome infection that will leave you with disfiguring scars (or worse).

Like I said, chill-out and leave it alone for a few weeks at least. You had an injury and now let “Mama Nature” take over. In most cases you cannot speed “her” up. She knows what she’s doing and will get this all perfect for you … if you leave “her” alone for a while.

Oh yeah, don’t “wax” again!

Just a note: Few people (and professionals like estheticians) fully understand how different the dermis and the epidermis really are. These skin “layers” are almost like completely different “species.” If you can, get a good book or document on the skin to understand this stunning and totally amazing difference.

With a good solid understanding you can more easily manage such common problems as black-heads, white-heads … and “ingrown hairs.”

Another note (only because I enjoy being accurate):

Indeed, yes, selective irritation of the epidermis sends chemical mediators into the skin that can speed up dermal healing and even collagen “turn-over.” That’s the rationale behind micro-derm, chemical peels (very light ones), and even Retin-A products.

However, in your case … I would still recommend leaving the area alone. I do not think any of the “selective irritation” products will do very much in the long run.

I went through a similar experience. Before I ever heard of laser hair removal or electrolysis, I attempted waxing on my body. The results were bad. I had small pox looking pimples all over my stomach that lasted for many, many months. I was told they would go away with in few weeks if I applied Tend Skin and AHA. I did that but weeks, turned to months and months felt like years. The only way all my skin cleared up is from doing laser. I think by 4 treatments, laser has blasted all the problems away. My skin started to look normal and healthy.
I also had 2 or 3 extractions by electrolysis. Those were very problematic puss-filled ingrowns. Since you said that you tried laser sessions and it didn’t help, I’m not sure what else to advise. Yes, time will heal you but after 9 months, you want a faster solution.
Have you tried dermatologists? Maybe a high strength retinoid creams with anti-biotic will help clear you up? I’m not sure.

Hey Fenix,

Very interesting that the laser cleared up ingrown hairs! What did the tech say was the “mechanism” for this happening … or what is your “take” on it.

You suppose those “pimples” were ingrowing hairs? Could you see them under the skin … growing? Did you notice formerly ingrowing hairs come out “dead.”

Alexandrite lasers that are used for hair removal are also used in acne treatment therapies and as “laser peels” to blast away minor skin spots etc… I imagine that the intense heat generated by the beam penetrates 3-6mm deep “killing the bacteria”, the follicle and ablates the pimple caused by the ingrowns–all at the same time. I do remember progressive peeling of the infected follicles. As pimples were ablated by consecutive laser treatments, the ingrowns started to flower-out of the skin. And like the regular shedding process of the hair post laser treatments, these ingrown hairs came out the same way.

On the side note, acne on my chest cleared up in the same manner during laser hair removal treatments. Though none of that was even discussed when I started laser for hair removal. I call it the positive side-effect. When my acne on chest started clearing, I wondered what was happening because prior to that, ever since high school I was applying bezoyl-peroxide on chest with poor results mostly because I didn’t adhere to daily routine and BP gave me harsh reactions. I then learned that the same lasers in hair removal salons are used by dermatologists for some degree of acne treatment.

I think the key again is high settings which many laser clinics don’t employ due to poor training and not understanding the technology behind the machines they buy or rent.

Sounds pretty reasonable and interesting too. I wish you could have photographed the whole episode … but, you probably only put 2 + 2 well afterward.

Anyway … “good on 'yer!”