ingrown hairs on chest

This is embarressing for me…but as a pcos suffer, i have a hairy chest. I shave there, but end up with ingrown hairs and thus the bumps and unsightly stuff that goes with it. I have tried to use cream which is specifically for ingrown hairs, but find it is too sticky and needs to be used everyday. Any other suggestions would be very much appreciated. :frowning:

I’ve tried shaving, but I found I didn’t like the bumps and dips. (I used to use a man’s Mac-3 razor, as I’d heard they were really good.)

I since switched to an electric rotary razor - the stubble comes back quicker, but you don’t get the ingrown hair problem.

The other things you could try are waxing, and/or bleeching.

To be rid of the problem forever, unfortunately, the only remedy is electrolysis (or laser for ‘permanent reduction’). I think they’re both very effective on body hair.
A Beauty Therapist will be able to advise you more. (You can find one in the Yellow Pages). They’re all very familiar with PCOS, and I can assure you you won’t be her first PCOS client!!

Good luck - and don’t be embarressed!! :smile:

plumzee, many women have luck using a product called Tend Skin on ingrown hairs.

In addition, if you shave with a wire-wraped razor and with the direction of the hair growth, you can often reduce the amount of ingrowns.

A Mach 3 actually can give too close a shave for those who get ingrowns. They pull the hair up before cutting it, so it retracts below the skin after. This is a primary cause of ingrowns.


I use Tend Skin and sell a lot of it in my salon…it’s great!

I highly recommend electrolysis for your problem though…I’m doing the same area on myself and am having great results…although I do have a bit of reaction in that area to the service.
I get little red spots on my breasts that last a few days after treatment but it’s well worth it to not see hairs for great lengths of time and the prospect of it never returning is just wonderful.