Ingrown hairs and sore looking

Sorry this one might be a bit of an essay…okay here we go. I have been waxing/shaving/electroysis for a lot of years now, I now only wax, for a start no matter what I do I am not ever without stubble! :confused:

How many electrolysis sessions did you have and were they consistent? Why did you stop having electrolysis, or did you? Have you looked into laser for these areas? You may be able to get thinner, lighter hair (excluding your leg hair,as you said it is already light) that is easier to look at and handle.


Thank you for your response Dee,
I still sometimes have electrolysis as I have a machine at home but I find time an issue and results have not been good for me. I have tried IPL before on my underarms just one session and found it fantastic but at the moment that is not a option as money is!

I sometimes get ingrown hairs and or bumps if I have epilated. I also have blonde hairs some are coarse and some are soft. There are creams that help with ingrown hairs although i don’t know what makes them different from other moisturisers although the one i got did help.
I have found that to reduce this I switch to shaving for a few weeks and to keep the skin hydrated and clean. I also use a shave minimising lotion that has helped. I found tea tree oil and witch hazel can sometimes make ingrown hairs worse as it seems to make the skin harder which makes the hair get trapped causing more ingrown. I sometimes use antisceptic creme on bad red areas. The bikini line is always going to be a problem but i find that cotton instead of nylon panties help. I even find that wearing denim can rub at the crotch and make the skin harder, also that area can become dirtier so keep it clean.
hope this helps