Ingrown hairs and acne

I have very thin hair all over my back. it isnt even that noticable, but i get paranoid over it. i shaved it like over 3 months ago. i never got any ingrown hairs until now. actually, its hard to tell if they are ingrown hairs or acne, because sometimes i break out bad. however some of them have been there for like 2 weeks so i think that they are ingrown hairs. i poke a needle in them and squeeze but nothing comes out except for blood.
i am planning on starting accutane next week. will this help with ingrown hairs? im thinking i get so many because my skin is so oily.
also, i shave my upper arms and shoulders with clippers without a guard on. it does not cut too close however i still get ingrown hairs on my shoulders. i did shave them with a blade about 6 months ago. could these ingrowns be from that long ago?

finally, does anyone know of products i can shave my back with but not too close.
thanks. any help would be greatly appreciated.

well if what you have on your back is acne, then the accutane will definately clear you up.

Accutane is almost miraculous in that you will have the clearest-acne free skin of all time…after about 6 weeks of using it.

The problem is that, as a side effect, it also makes your skin sensitive to the sun and dries it out considerably.

the dryness (in my experience) made shaving more difficult, as your skin is more prone to irritation. and therefore, you are also more prone to ingrowns.

Keep moisturized, and shave carefully with the grain…and you should be ingrown/acne free.

you know i had the same problem, and i still sometimes get breakout on my back and butt, i think it’s assocaiated with having hair also. but before you try strong antibiotics, try a benzoyl peroxide, you can purchase panoxyal bar 5% or 10% at your local drug store. it works, but it does take time, i started using it over the summer and i got clear skin , but i stoped and i broke out again, so about a month ago i stared again and i almost have clear skin now… but becareful make sure you moistrise you skin with oil-free fragrance free and non clogging lotion , since it makes you skin really drrrrry!!! but start out with 5 % then go up to 10 % !