ingrowing hair

well hey… i been looking around the forums and stuff and saw all kinds of treatments for ingrowing hair such as neotrogena and neostrata.
did anyone try this out and it worked for him?
how long does it take untill any resualts are shown? i never used any hair-removal methoods but
i’m doing it myself by tweezing:)) sure it takes a long time for even a small area, but my face is smooth and skin left so soft… evetually it ends with these damn ingrowing hair and it’s aweful cause i’m taking em out by a needle! I’m desperately need someone to tell me what really helps with getting rid of this problem. THANK YOU!

Exfoliation is the best way to avoid ingrown hairs. You can use special exfoliating creams and sponges available in the shops today, but make sure you exfoliate regulary…about 3-4 times a week. you need to remove the top layer of dead skin to allow the softer hair to come through.

Don’t know if this will help, but I have finally found a ‘system’ that seems to work for me…

I exfoliate GENTLY in the shower every day with a very cheap, thin, rough-ish washcloth. Then I liberally apply Kiss My Face Alpha + Aloe moisturiser (fragrance free).

Before epilation, I shower, exfoliating gently again, apply Tend-Skin, then go for it with the Braun Silk-Epil Eversoft (I keep a hot water bottle on hand, placing it over the skin before epilating each area - this helps open the pores so hairs don’t break). Afterwards, I re-apply Tend-Skin. That night, I use more Tend-Skin and when it dries apply Aloe Vera Gel mixed with a few drops of lavender oil. I do the Tend-Skin/Aloe gel thing twice a day for a few days until all redness and irritation go away.

Then I re-start the washcloth exfoliation/Alpha + Aloe regime. During this time, quite a few stray hairs start coming in but are not generally ingrown. If I feel the need to be completely smooth, I do the Silk-Epil/Tend-Skin/Aloe thing every week. Otherwise I wait until the bulk of the hairs start coming through at the same time (about 3 weeks after epilation - this was when I used to have the most trouble - HORRIFYING and very painful ingrowns - like thousands of little cuts all over the legs). When this happens, just before the hair actually pierces the skin, I STOP EXFOLIATING with the washcloth. Otherwise, the hairtip becomes like a tiny little razor serving only to irritate everything. The friction causes the follicle to swell, just when you want the hairtip out!

At this point, depending on the level of irritation, I either just use tons of the Alpha + Aloe lotion or start again with the Tend-Skin/Aloe gel, until the hairs all come out again.

I have been doing all this for several months and it is working great.

The keys, I think, are to:

  1. Use TONS of Alpha + Aloe lotion twice daily to keep the skin soft and supple

  2. Do the manual exfoliation VERY GENTLY but on a regular basis.

  3. Know when to stop exfoliating and just let Tend-Skin gently finish the process (followed by Aloe Gel to re-moisturise).

I never use Tend-Skin and Alpha + Aloe lotion at the same time - I have sensitive skin and I am afraid of a chemical burn.

AH - forgot to mention I keep the Aloe gel in the fridge - very soothing. And Kiss my Face products can be bought at most health food stores.

Hope this can help!

Monkeylegs has spoken! All should heed her excellent advice! :grin:

Ya beat me to it-- that’s what I was going to say!

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