Ingrow Hairs, rashes, and Bumps; Help!!!

Hi, I am new here I need some advice on removing Hair. I use neet to removal facial hair and I don’t get any bumps afterwards but the next day or 2 I get minor spots around my face and when I go to sleep the next day I get more but the reason for this is that my hair rubs against the fabric of the pillow and the hair becomes sharp and pricks my skin, causing red spots. Does anybody know anything about this please and will this last for the rest of my life. Thanks.

Not much of a tip but i suggest you change your pillow cover. Certain chemicals may not mix well with like “down” or anythng thats on your pillow

Thanks for your advice

You either need to get silk, satin, or very high thread count cotton pillow covers to lessen or avoid the problem you are having. Actually, anyone sleeping on low quality pillow cases is increasing the breakage and split ends on their hair.

One other thing, the pillow case should be changed and cleaned regularly. If your problem is severe enough, you may even need a different pillow case each night, as the build up of oils, and bodily sheddings could build up that quickly on the pillow for you. Some people would actually have less acne if they changed their pillow case more often.