info on Clean + Easy

I was thinking about getting the Clean + Easy home electrolysis kit. Has anyone heard if it is better/worse/same as the One Touch?

i keep reading that the only thing that will work is if it has a stylet tip on it. something that you can INSERT into the hair follicle to destroy the hair roots. Anything else won’t work.

I was trying to investigate One Touch vs. Clean + Easy because they both look exactly the same. I found out that both brands are made by the same company. I guess that means the unit is the same, but I am not really sure.

Looks like the exact same machine, but a different name

Some have sounds, some are just the basic unit. Don’t think the sounds could be accurate unless you’ve always got the setting set just right for the specific hair to finish at the same time as the sound comes on, but a good gimmick to help sell an otherwise useful product.

Well,I didn’t get the deluxe model. I looked at your link and mine does not look like that. It looks exactly like the one touch. It doesn’t have any sounds to it. Is that good or bad? That looks like the only difference between the clean + easy and the one touch that I can see. Thanks for your info.