Info on Apilus senior 2


I am new here. I have finished up my classes with my instructor but haven’t taken my state boards yet. I recently got a used Apilus senior 2 and would love more information about how to use it, and it’s settings including micro flash. The lady that I plan on working for has an Apilus but only uses slow thermolysis. Looking for guidance with my machine.


Hi Michelle,
Do you have the user manual for the machine?
If your machine has the iMMpack you will have additional functions such as Multiplex and Multi Blend.
Also I recommend to check the machine in authorised service for proper functionality and replacement of one IC chip on the motherboard which contain a battery.
As for how to use the machine you need to make a training and a lot of practice.
This site is made for user purpose and is not intended for training or specific electrolysis details etc.
If you need more specific information please PM.



I’m going to disagree on that last point. Though this site is consumer driven, I have always tried to convey as much helpful technique information to those new electrologist as is humanly possible. There is room for teaching techniques here, and I think it’s just as important role as supporting consumers.


Michelle, congratulations. You will get more help if you ask to join the facebook electrologist only blog called Apilus Tips and Advice and also Electrology International. Do a search on facebook for these sights and ask to join. You need to provide proof that you are an electrologist or a student.