Info of Medicam MD50

I am a Mexican girl trying to began a hair removal clinic ( sorry for my English )in Mexico. I want to know if Medicam Product MD50 and another are a good choice. I saw a warning in this wonderful site about product that were distributed for them and a letter from a guy called Phil trying to solve the problem…Any experience ?


if you’re going for professional treatment, go with someone with a true professional laser machines, like LightSheer or GentleLASE. If your skin is pretty dark, then Yag lasers are best.

I have been qouting and all those equipment are so expensive $$$$$ and medicam are cheap, My question is " medicam really works ?

noone here has ever reported that it does. only that it doesn’t. if you try it, you can report back.

Hi Lulia,

Best way to know if our products work is to contact one of our customers in your area. We have customers in mexico using our machines. Please contact us at and put in reference: HairTell
We will email you the customer’s infos so that you’ll be able to inquire.
You can also call us directly.
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Here is a HairTell member who is documenting the purchase and use of this product.…=true#Post28572

That’s right and don’t expect too much of the Quazar dmd laser systems because they are very very low energy and in order to get a very little result, you will have to spend a lot of time and be very patient.
You can check all the results of the quazar “so called lasers” at:
The new MD series from don’t have anything to do with Quazar dmd units you are refering to, so please do not associate our Professional Medical devices to the others. The question was about the Professional Medicam MD-50 High power diode laser which is based on the platform of the lightsheer. Since its new introduction for 2006, a few of them were sold. Please update your informations. Thank you

I would add that IPLs are even better for dark skin. Yag has a tretment range from 532-1064nm. Yag was 1st introduce to treat Very dark skins and Asian type skins. Today, a few manufacturer continue to manufacture them. An IPL is by far a better choice because you can set the parameters for your skin type, You can set the energy, and it works for 400nm-1200nm. The results with an IPL is almost instand. In 2 sessions you will see a remarkable difference. Works on skin type 1-6
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