Infection or scars from electrolysis SOS

I don’t usually do this unless I’m in a desperate situation but my electrolysis experience has led me to this. First I want to say I had crystal clear skin before doing laser. I could not stand shaving my face regularly after noticing dark coarse hairs i never had in areas of my faces after laser it was very noticeable and i formed cysts where hairs were coming out. so I was cut between 2 electrologists. I stuck with the one closer to me and i saw the typical red spots and pus like pimples here and there after my sessions that fell on their own after few days - week along with my red spots would fade away too if i waited a week or 2 so i was happy about that. I got sick so i isolated for a month and still saw just a few tiny red brownish dots on chin/side of my face nothing crazy but i was scared it was scars.

I decided to give the 2nd electrologist a shot whom was further away from me. After the first session, my face is a complete mess. It’s been 3 months since the 1st session with her and nothing has healed. In fact there is reoccuring inflamed pimples that I cannot cover with make up because its bumps all over the areas she treated. I have tried leaving it for weeks and using polysporn for weeks and nothing has worked. I am seeing more of these pimples come out as time passes and i cannot even pop them because they are not those types of pimples where you can pop it. Idk if this is an infection or scarring i really need someones help. right now i do not care about my hairs anymore but to get rid of the inflamation on my skin that is even causing pain/itchiness sometimes. and before someone says it might be hormonal acne it’s not. ive tested myself and know my skin this is ONLY in the areas she treated. i regret going to her even tho it was 1 time she completely ruined my skin. is this scaring? infection? hairs stuck?

If you are having these sorts of lesions after 3-months, this is no longer electrolysis-only related. Perhaps something got “kicked up” from the inflammatory response? Get to a physicians and take an appropriate antibiotic … something like Keflex (a cephalosporin antibiotic), or Amoxicillin. You’ll clear up in a few days.