Inducing alopecia

Most people (especially women) probably don’t want to loose all their body hair, including eyebrow and scalp hair!

But out of curiosity, does anyone think it will be possible to induce such a thing in humans without causing other damage?

e.g. (not what I am looking for, but what I found relating to mice):

I wouldn’t mind induced alocepia…you can always tattoo/draw on eyebrows, as a guy that’s all I need…and I could always put a wig on if need be.

No hair is a lot easier to manage than too much…tattooing eyebrows and putting on a wig is a much easier process than getting electrolysis from the neck down lol.

Apparently this woman got induced alopecia from mixing two drugs together.

lol that would look silly. Why not get hair transplants instead.

I don’t think you can get hair transplants if you have alopecia lol…the immune system attacks hair when you have it, so any hair you put in will be rejected.

Do you remember what those drugs were because someone took down the video and I’m too much of a conspiracy nut to believe that it was the owner of the channel

this thread is 10 years old, so it’s unlikely you will see a response to this question. It’s hard to say why a video was taken down, it could be a coopyright issue if they used music that wasnt licensed, hard to say really.