individual state laws for lasers

i’ve been able to gather from your pages that laser treatment isn’t as highly regulated as someone who hasn’t researched it may think. i was wondering if there’s a website that lists what sort of requirements are necessary to practice laser hair removal in different states. if not, i’d really like to know about kentucky and ohio! :smile:

Funny you should ask-- it’s on MY site!

Hairfacts: laser regulations by state

Kentucky is physicians only last time I checked, and Ohio State Medical Board has been disucssing this in recent months. I’m not sure if any formal decisions came from their plan. At last I heard, it was not reglulated.

Kentucky is physician only to OWN the laser.That doesn’t mean you have to be an MD to operate it. Most of the physicians here in KY have nurses or other trained people to operate their machines.My laser lady is an electrologist who rents the machine from a physician one day a week.

Thanks for the clarification, LindaC! That area of regulation is changing all the time, and I haven’t updated that page in a while. Too many scams to deal with!