Increased beard growth from age 24 to 34 (male)?

Not sure if this is the best subforum, because I don’t think I have hormonal issues… but I couldn’t find a better category. Anyway, here goes…

I looked at some earlier pictures of myself from 10 years ago and I noticed that my face looked so much smoother back then. Now, I’ve always had heavy beard growth, I could grow a full beard from way earlier than 24… but the pictures from age 24 just shows me with just a hint of a shadow, while now at 34 I have a heavy shadow all the time, from the second that I shave.

Does beard growth normally increase so much between these ages? I always figured it was the rest of the body where hair increased with age but not the beard.

Yes it does! Your observation is spot on.

Hair amounts and quantity changes EVERYWHERE on the male and female body throughout our entire lifetimes!

A well-seasoned electrologist can look at a photo of hair on any part of a body and can usually predict both the age and sex of the person.

I’m not sure what you mean in terms of the change. It sounds more like your hairs have simply become thicker in diameter or perhaps darker in color.

Personally I’ve had a full beard since around age 23 now, and there is only the small spots between moustache and cheeks where hair is missing. That could fill in, but beyond that I don’t think the beard can become ‘fuller’ than it already is. But there could be an increase of hair below, on the neck.

Thanks for the replies!

Michael, that’s definitely been my my feeling, I just haven’t researched the case of myself until now. I guess I’ve just always felt that its “too much” and never really noticed the changes…

On another note… I did have laser on shoulder/back about 10 years ago too… and it didn’t seem to do much at the time and now it definitely can’t be seen that its been treated. I guess some of that could be new growth over time too.

Johnson, it might be that the hears are thicker… they are certainly thick. But they are crazy dense too. I can’t remember how long they’ve felt like this and what exactly accounts for the visible difference.