Inadequate Wax Job

I have only had a professional in a salon do a wax job (legs and brazilian) on me once. The reason why I’ve given up on wax is because of this visit. After the lady finished my full legs and brazilian, i was completely stubbly (as if I hadn’t shaved for 2 days) immediately afterwards.

Has anyone had this type of experience? Does anyone have any kind of explanatin as to why one would get these kind of results from wax?

Facial hair needs to be at least 1/8”
Body hair needs to be at least 1/4”
If hair is longer, we trim it.

If the hair is too short, the wax will not adhere to the hair as well and when the wax is removed, the hair will not be pulled with the wax.

Another reason might be that the waxing person worked too quickly and applied large strips of wax when smaller strips were required in certain areas. Wax has to be applied in the direction of hair growth but many people have hair growing in all different directions and these clients need more time and attention.

Does any of this make sense for your personal experience?

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Sounds like either your hair was too short or the technique was bad and hair wasn’t pulled out with the root, or both.

ah i see. the technician warned me that my leg hairs were probably too short so i was forgiving of that but i know that my pubic hair was not at all too short but she didn’t mention if they were too long or anything. she did remove very large areas at a time and for both full legs and brazilian i think she only took 45 minutes. it was much faster than i had anticipated.

i was looking all over the internet for people who had a similar experience but everyone i talked to couldn’t relate. i was wondering if wax just simply seems to not work for some people or what. ah well, i’ll go to a different salon sometime and try out a brazilian again.

i went for another Brazilian wax today (the first since last october). this time, i went to a different spa. once again, i did not receive that silky smooth baby’s bottom result that i hear about. i also experienced bruising (wtf!) i asked the technician if my hair length was good and she said it was perfect. could it be that my asian hair is too course?

bruising = bad waxer!!

i would try and go to a salon that uses “hard wax”, it will remove even hairs 2-3mm and adheres to the hairs not the skin, so shouldn’t leave your skin very red or anything. this sort of waxing is usually more expensive and requires more skill to do properly so i would guess that only very good salons would offer it. it’s particularly favoured for bikini/underarm waxing.

i’ve started laser now, but personally, my skin only felt like this if i shaved a lot in between waxes. there would be a lot of bumps caused by ingrowns, which were obviously still there after waxing.

exfoliate, exfoliate!

Hair can’t really be too coarse. How long was the hair when you went in? If you can grow it to 1/2 or at least 1/3 of an inch, that would be best. I like hard wax too, but regular wax would do a good job too if the waxer knows what they’re doing.

Good waxing can be hard to find. I would suggest checking out a website like where people review waxing people in their area. Run a search there and see who is recommended.

Thanks to those who have commented thus far. Yes, apparently it is very hard to find a good esthitician. My hair was 1/2 inch long. She used hot wax on most of the area and right above my clitoris she used hard wax and jesus christ it was as if she was plucking me! i’ve seen hard wax used before and to my understand, its supposed to be applied, dried, lift a little of one end and then rip, no? yeah, i’ve tried looking up the salons in yelp but there were no reviews unfortunately. ugh, why can’t people do their jobs correctly. i’ll just have to use some sugar paste to remove the remaining patch of hairs and keep up this brazilian myself. i don’t think i’ll be returning to wax ever again.

Sometimes, hair can break off at the level of the skin which can cause the stubbly feeling you are speaking of. I think I would find someone that uses cold wax and takes smaller areas; it sounds like they’re trying too much at once.

the first brazilian i had, i felt that the woman was taking off too much at once. the second took off very small areas at a time. both were incredibly inadequate. i am now keep up with my brazilian wax job with the sugar paste method at home. its far superior and cheaper.