In the beginning

Hi all, I just wanted to share a little about all the different stuff I have going on with me.

Last month I got my first laser hair removal treatment (diode laser) on my neck - 2nd one is in a couple of weeks and I start on much of my face since it is working well on my neck. Did not hurt much differently than tattoo removal (which I am also working on).

I went in for my first electrology appt this weekend (clean up my eyebrows) and have made another to get started on my upper lip since most of those hairs are light in color and I do not want the laser to make them worse.

Going in Wednesday to start work on my bikini area (yag laser I believe) - when I asked for the quote I was looking more towards just the bikini line since I get ingrowns there really bad from shaving, but they quoted me for all pubic area (and I figure it couldn’t hurt thinning things out down there).

Anyway, no negative reactions on either laser type or with the electrology either.

I’m curious as to why you’re not using a diode for the pubic area as well. it’s a more powerful laser. also, what settings are being used on you? is it a LightSheer diode?

Not sure. I will check when I return - I started before I found this board and realized what to look for. I am going to two different places for the different laser treatments that is why the different laser types.

is going to 2 different places intentional? is it because one place doesn’t perform it on the area you need? also, what is your skin and hair type?

in terms of settings, you should ask for spot size, joules, and pulse width used.

for more information, please read the FAQs on the LHR part of this forum.

Yes, intentional for a number of reasons. I have been through most of the FAQs in the past few weeks. Part of the reason I am going with the YAG for the bikini area is because my wife used them for hers (same skin type) with excellent results and they are cheaper than the place I am going for my face.

I will find out all the info when I return. :slight_smile: