in pain after waxing!


Hi everybody! I hope you can help. I tried waxing my lower legs for thefirst time on saturday (i went to a decent salon). i felt okay saturday but by sunday afternoon, ihad gotten little bumps(like pimples) all over my legs. couldnt help myself, i popped them (i know it sounds gross). today’s monday, and i can hardly stand properly and walk; the pain’s like having a boil that hasn’t been popped. what can i do to ease the pain? will be grateful for any suggestions. thank you!


toody bear, you should not pop those little white things! :fearful:

You can cause infection or scarring.

Since you’re in pain, you might consider going to see a doctor. you might have introduced a mild infection when you popped the little bumps.

The best treatment in the future for the little bumps is some witch hazel or Tend Skin. It’s important to keep your legs clean until the bumps subside.

It’s probably nothing serious, but I’d check with a doctor, especially if there’s any inflammation, redness, or warmth in the treated area. Although very rare, there have been a few cases of pretty bad infections from waxing, so better to be safe than sorry.