In NYC...need referral please!

I’ve recently come to NYC and I will be here for a while. I’ve only had two LHR treatments in Orlando, FL and I was wondering if anyone could recommend someone in NYC to me. I would like to find someone who uses the NDYag or can work with skin tones IV and above. Please, Please, Please help me. My 6 weeks will be up in a week or two and I really need to find someone. Thanks in advance!


Hi -

I have gone to Romeo & Juliette on 57th street for a little over a year now. I had really bad razor bumps on my throat area from shaving, and they did an amazing job. Plus, they charge very reasonable rates and give a free touch-up after 2 weeks. Several of my colleagues have gone there, also, and had great results.

Hi Matt- I was glad to see your e-mail about Romeo and Juliette!
I need to take the plunge with laser and am considering several different places, including R & J.
So- let me ask- did the resultd last? Which areas did you treat? How is the maintenance?
(so glad found someone else who went to Romeo and Juliette!)