in nyc: electrolysis or laser for hairy arms with olive skin?

hello everyone,
this is such a wonderful site and though i have looked through a lot of it, i am still left with questions. namely, i still don’t know which would be the best route to go… i have a lot of fine, dark hair on my arms that i would like to get rid of!

i would greatly appreciate any advice on whether laser or electrolysis is the best option for my skin tone (middle eastern descent, light olive skin, dark hair). if laser, which would work best with my skin tone? how much of a time commitment would be involved?

anyone that you recommend seeing in new york city?

i have an appointment to see the people at lucy peters for an electrolysis consultation,but am not certain it’s the best option. it’s so expensive, i just want to make sure i am making the best decision with regards to laser vs. electrolysis…

Middle Eastern skin would surely do best with electrolysis. The possible negatives from laser are too bad to risk here. I have seen middle easterners with laser damage, and it is not pretty.

</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Originally posted by James W. Walker VII, CPE:
<strong>Middle Eastern skin would surely do best with electrolysis. The possible negatives from laser are too bad to risk here. I have seen middle easterners with laser damage, and it is not pretty.</strong></font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>thanks, james. i just sent you a private message. please let me know if you recommend anyone in nyc and how long you think the process will take and what kind of costs to expect…

i have a consult with lucy peters for electrolysis ($170/hr… ouch!) and a consult with soho integrative health center for the lyra laser ($250 consult and $1600 per session)

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

re: my coloring – think salma hayek. i just want to get the best and fastest results, so anyone who has other comments please advise! still can’t decide between the two options…

I have replied to your private message. As for public reply, all I can say is that I know that it is possible to find your arms cleared in the NYC area for less than you have described.

$ 250 Consultation
$1600 Lasing
$ 180 LPI Hour appointment

$2030 Spent and your arms are still not bare yet!

I have cleared some people’s backs and other people’s legs for less than that!

Glad the information is helpful!

Lucy Peters has a good reputation, although I think she’s a bit agrressive in her marketing hype.

The Lyra laser is good, but practitioner skill is the most important thing. You must keep in mind that your skin tone is more susceptible to discoloration, so keep that in mind and make sure you are completely aware of all the possible side effects.

I am also looking for a good place in NYC to remove thick course hair from dark brown skin particularly on the legs and bikini area that is not too expensive and also not too embarrassing. I wanted to try waxing but need to know that it is effective and worth all of the pain. Right now I just use Nair to remove hair from the upper thigh and bikini area. Any suggestions?

Hi Shay-- dark brown skin makes laser difficult to impossible, so you might consider electrolysis if you want a permanent result. Electrolysis can also cause serious side effects, so it’s very important to go to someone with lots of experience working on women with your skin color. If you type in “new york electrolysis” in the search feature at the above right, you’ll get a good list that includes several names. One popular place to check out is Lucy Peters-- that’s not an endorsement or recommnedation, but a suggestion for further research.

You should check out my excellent electrologist in NYC – Ronni Kolotkin. She advertises in the back of Time Out NY or you can reach her at 212-366-6663. I’ve been fully satisfied – actually thrilled – with the results. She’s a pro, safe, reputable. Only works on women.

I am very happy with my electrologist. The number is 718-376-6969. I know they do any area and any gender.

I was wondering which electrolysis facility did you decide to choose? If you did choose Lucy Peters in NYC, how is it going? Do you recommend them? I’m asian women, similar skin tone as you and have dark hair on chin and sideburns. I have my first appointment with them within a week. Thanks.