In NYC- anybody try Romeo and Juliette?

Hi- I’m here in NYC and shopping around for a place to do laser. Romeo and Juluiette seems to get good results- anyone have experience with them?
Please- only consumers reply!

I have heard a lot of good things about them from other message boards. I have a consultation lined up for Oct 9th. I’ll post how it goes…

Hi 'Chelle- thanks for the response.
On which other message boards did you see info. about Romeo and Juliette?- there’s a lot about them on “Consumer Beware” but I think that sight is heavily monitored by people in the industry- did you see them on any other web sites?

Consumer Beware is where I saw alot of postings about R&J. Also, someone from R&J posts on the website (RomeoNY). You can ask him more specific questions if need be.

I just got back from my second treatment about 2 hours ago form R&J. I REALLY like them. The staff is great and the cost is comparable to that of other places, especially in NYC. You’ll probably meet with Christian and a technician for your consultation. He’ll definitely answer any questions you might have and I think give you an honest opinion. Don’t forget to ask about the package specials if you decide to go through them (pay for 5 sessions, get 1 free, plus 6 touch-ups). They also have 4 or 5 different machines, I believe, so you’re not limited on choice. The thing (and I kinda freaked out about it at first) is that a doctor doesn’t perform the procedure, instead it’s a technician, but they usually have 2 people confirm settings according to your skin type. I’m sure if you wanted Christian, you could make special arrangements, but I haven’t been burned or scarred from them.

I agree about Consumer Beware. Christian’s on there all the time answering questions and when he asked where I heard of R&J, I said I heard about it online and first place he mentioned…you guessed it, CB. That’s why I find this site much better because it seems to be much less professionally biased.

Hope this rambling somewhat helps!

OK, so I went for another consultation to a place in Manhattan (Romeo & Juliete). I was very impressed by the place itself. I met the main guy (Chris). I had written on previous posts on another board about my other consutations and he knew my history off the top of his head. I am interested in doing my face so he looked my face over.

He stated that he would do the treatment on my face himself if I liked. I also met with a technician who has been practicing for 2 years. She said, that I can ask for her specifically when it comes time to do my other areas. She said that when it is treatment time, that they would do the shaving there so they can at least evaluate the hair and choose the appropriate laser treatment. Finally a place that did a patch test. She tried it on my 2 “problem” areas on my chin. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. Very quick single pin pricks it what if felt like. I did notice that the hair isn’t growing back as much in those areas now either. That was a plesant surprise, so I feel I will get good results from these procedures.

He then gave me the prices which were the best I had been quoted. He pretty much told me he would beat any of the other Dr.'s prices. The prices were for a package of 6 and 6 touchups. None of the other places would offer touchups.

I think I have made my final decision and am going to go with this place. I would like to start my treatments sometime this month. The only problem I forsee…It is in a VERY RICH AREA in NYC and right across the street is a Prada and Coach store…I don’t stand a chance… <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

Best of luck, 'Chelle! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with them and I think their price is very fair, especially considering they’re in NYC and a nice part of it. I had my second treatment with them 2 weeks ago and even though they upped the juice, it didn’t hurt any more, even though they said it might.

I agree with you about the danger of the neighborhood…I try my best just to keep my head down, looking forward. That, and I try not to bring my credit card with me!

I just wanted to update that my experience with R&J has been great. They are so professional and the results so far have been great. They are very thorough!

I would recommend ANYONE to go to them, they won’t be disappointed.